Wij Zijn Meer Dan Babi Pangang

We Are More Than Babi Pangang
A Documentary by Julie Ng
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About the project
LOCKLINEWhile searching for her own cultural identity through (Chinese) food, Julie Ng, a Dutch-Chinese, discovers unexpected and new insights about herself.

The  Film

Deep fried pork strips on a bed of atjar drowned in a thick fluorescent red-orange-y, sweet and sour packed with a little heat. You probably know it: the babi pangang.

I am Julie Ng, a through and through assimilated Dutch Chinese daughter of the owner of Chinese Indonesian Restaurant Golden House in Rozenburg. Food is a fundamental part of the Chinese culture. But why are we serving a dish that we don’t eat ourselves at home? What does this say about us? Since I was a little girl, the babi pangang and my parent’s Chinese restaurant confirmed my ‘other-ness’. To defend myself against this I started to reject my Chinese roots, which lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication with my family.

My documentary We Are More Than Babi Pangang is my culinary journey in search for our cultural identity as Chinese Dutch.


With this film I want to reintroduce the Chinese community in the Netherlands and show you who we really are, but more importantly break through the racial and cultural stereotypes. Secondly I want to show what it means to grow up between two cultures. Even though I am a second generation Chinese, I am the first generation inheriting two different cultures.

Thirdly, I hope that through my journey in search for my own roots our generation and future generations will remember where we are from and that we should be proud to be part of such a rich culture.

Last but not least, this film is also an ode to the first generation Chinese who have took The Netherlands by storm by building the unmistakably successful brand, the Chin. Ind. Restaurant with blood, sweat and tears: a phenomenon that has become an integral part of the Netherlands.

After being in the Netherlands for over 100 years I will take you on a delicious journey and hopefully this will be a step forward in breaking through the clichés and stereotypes about Chinese people.

Quote that inspired the maker

Food operates as one of the key cultural signs that structure people’s identities and their concepts of others.
Wenying Xu - schrijver van het boek ‘Eating Identities’
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