Was Het Maar Een Vak Op School

If Only They Taught This At School
A Documentary by Vareen Rook en Anouk Spoeltman
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LOCKLINEVareen loses her mother while still a student. She receives absolutely no support from school. How should a student be able to mourn.


Vareen loses her mother while still a student. She receives absolutely no support from school. How should a student be able to mourn?

‘I Wish They Taught This at School’

In this documentary we follow Vareen. She lost her mother in the middle of her student days, is an only child and has no contact with her father. In addition to being constantly confronted with death and having to give her mother a place of her own, there are piles of school assignments and exams waiting for her. There is no question of time to properly mourn. Because according to her school institution, school continues as usual and there is no time to find a suitable solution for her.

But Vareen is not the only one. In addition to her story, there are hundreds of other students at Dutch Universities and Colleges who lose a parent and receive little or no space and support from their school institution.

With this documentary, Vareen and Anouk, together with Vareen's fellow sufferers, try to find a way for students to mourn and investigate what role school institutions want to play in students' grieving processes.


We’re all familiar with those ‘true life stories’ from documentaries and magazines in which people share their emotional story of doom and gloom. You can find such stories in magazines like Viva or Linda, about which readers think, ‘thank goodness this hasn’t happened to me’ before turning the page with relief. Unfortunately, however, traumatic experiences can happen to anyone. In the depths of happy, carefree student life, and not far from those excessive drinking nights, lurk for some students the pain and sadness of the loss of a loved one. For them they cannot simply turn the page.

To tell this story, money is needed. We’ve been able to cover some of the biggest costs ourselves, such as for equipment. But we are not there yet. Your donations are crucial for other costs like audio post production, music, lighting sets, registration fees for film festivals, and much more.

With your support this beautiful story can soon appear on the big screen and we can show how important it is for students in mourning to be supported, seen and heard.

Through our social media channels you can stay up to date on all the news about our documentary. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @washetmaareenvakopschool. If you would rather send a personal email, please contact vareenrook@gmail.com.

Quote that inspired the maker

We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it.
Nora McInerny
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