Verzwegen moeders

Verzwegen moeders
A Documentary by Linda Lemmen
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LOCKLINETheir fathers a colonist in the Dutch West Indies. Their mother his concubine. They, outcast. A film about the last generation children from njai's.

Project descriptionThe documentary is about the last generation children form njai's (Indo-Europeans). Njai's were native women who, during the colonization of the Dutch East Indies, had a (often involuntary) relationship with dutch colonists. The women lived in a house with these dutch men and took care of the household and had to take care of his sexual needs. They didn't have any rights, because of that they often had miserable lives. Their children weren't accepted by the dutch colonists and neither by the native population, because they were mixed. The last generation children is still alive, so now there's still the possibility to film them. The rough life of the children is the subject of this movie.

The main characters will be two Indo-Europeans: one who moved with it's parents to the Netherlands and one who by circumstances stayed in Indonesia. Generally the children who moved to the Netherlands had more possibilities to develop themselves and build up a good life. The film will compare the difference between their lives, influenced by the way and place they were raised and tell about the position they had in society.

MotivationA lot of people don't know, these njai's existed. Even many people with an Indonesian background living in the Netherlands don't. While most Indo-European's in the Netherlands spring from a njai. One of the goals is to tell this story. Sadly, treating housekeepers badly is still a huge problem. Mostly in the Middle-East  young women from asia are being 'imported' to work as housekeepers. Once in the Middle-East they get  exploited and sexual harassed. Hopefully this film helps making people aware of this of this issue. 
















Njai Dasima

Your help to realize this documentaryYour financial support can make this film happen. The funds raised will be used to hire professional's and to finance the collaboration with the arts academy in Yogyakarta (see cast&crew).
















Indo-Europese kinderen

Quote that inspired the maker

Listening to this story, I guess my grandmother was a njai. But no one ever talks about that in our family.
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