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LOCKLINEAfter five years a son with identity issues returns to his father to claim the body of his stepbrother.

Abel, a thirty year old who finally integrated into society, knocks on the door of his father, who tried to show him a much more primal way of living in the past. What follows is a dual between two tormented characters who strongly test each other's faiths and beliefs.
Schets door Bram Donders


Since junior high I, Beau Meevis, have been developing stories. I often wrote them with dark themes and while envisioning a movie as the end result. During my studies I've had the opportunity to make many new contacts with professionals as well as students and we finally all come together on this project. What started out as my final masters degree project has become something much bigger.       

While writing I increasingly started to take inspiration from psychology and philosophy. As a result I began to look for a way to create characters that where much more distinguishable and often mentally contorted. This idea of a confrontation between two such characters came to me when I was reading about Nietzsche's Master-slave morality. The essence of master morality is nobility and masters themselves create their own morality. The slave morality is a reaction to the master morality and is based on re-sentiment. It opposes everything the master morality stands for.

In this short film these two extremes will have a face off on a rainy night, in a small warm house, deep in the woods.

Schets door Bram Donders


A villa located in a natural monument in Brabant will serve as a backdrop for this movie. A part of the movie is set in the woods themselves. The coarse-looking environment provides a strong contrast to the modern interior of the villa. With that, the duality in the environments symbolizes one of the main themes in the film: human nature. 

Professionals and students

Professionals as well as students are working together to realize this movie. Two famous dutch actors, who we will announce in due time, will star in the lead roles of the film; known artist Paul van Dongen will create sketches, which serve as props in the film; and on set there are many more crew members who work in the field.

For the students in our midst, mainly Brabanders, this project is a great opportunity to work with professionals in their field of expertise. The soundtrack of the film is being composed by Laurens Hoynck van Papendrecht, a student of The Rock academy in Tilburg, for whom the project now serves as his Minor. Vince Donders, a student of the academy of arts in Den Bosch, is creating the biggest set piece of the film: a 7 feet tall statue. This way different disciplines of art work together in this production and that's one of the beautiful things of making movies.

Creweleden van links naar rechts: Beau Meevis (regie), Daan Bothof (DOP), Mayke Harkema (Producent), Kevin Schaduw (producent)Crew members from left to right: Beau Meevis (Director), Daan Bothof (DOP), Mayke Harkema (Producer, Kevin Schaduw (producer).

Support 'Restitution'

Up until now we managed to bring together half of our budget by doing various small jobs, but the clock is ticking and we still need the other half. That's where you come in, dear sir or madam. Support us so we can realize our vision; by doing so you will also help students to graduate or finish their internship. As our thanks we have created a great amount of rewards. For instance: receive concept art, an invitation to the set or tickets to the premiere.

So, do you like psychological thrillers where nobody's intentions are certain? Do you like suspense and dark themes? Support us! And we will see you at the premiere, July 2017.

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Motivation from bkkc with this project:

This graduation project from Beau Meevis offers different young creators from the film- music- and visual sector the opportunity to develop themselves further in a special cooperation with professionals from the field. bkkc happily supports this.

Quote that inspired the maker

If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
Timoteüs, vers 5.8
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