VERA, a home from home

VERA, a home from home
A Documentary by René Duursma
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LOCKLINE“It’s as if you’ve been infected by a VERA virus, which makes you never want to leave."

“VERA, a home from home”

This will be a documentary about VERA, Club for the International Pop Underground in Groningen. About its people, who share a special bond through the power of music.

It’s hard tot describe the ‘VERA vibe’, but every member of VERA knows how it feels.

Music lies at the heart of the club, but there is so much more. There is a cinema that shows art-house films, a silk screen-printing department, a photo section, a team of bartenders, and we can go on and on. More than 230 volunteers work at the club, together with the staff members.


In the film we will be following a number of staff members, volunteers and a couple of musicians. We'll see how they work together, how they interact, and learn what is going on inside the club.

We'll see concerts, which will include Eurosonic as well as Downstage-concerts, and many other shows. We'll see the general member's meeting, a staff meeting, and we'll get to know how the programmers work.

VERA has had an iconic reputation in the alternative music scene for almost 40 years now, and it has inspired clubs all over the world from Skopje to Seattle.

How did it get to where the club is now? Was it due to just one person's ideas? Which people were involved in designing a club in this way?

In this film we will reveal how the club operates and what makes it so special. Not by just looking at its history, but by following its current members and discovering patterns.


Why make this film?

VERA is a temple for underground pop-music. Major bands play here, but local talent also has the opportunity to present itself, and it is a place to unwind for international bands who are on tour. But there's more.

It's not just a club, it's also an association made up out of members who have a say about the club's future and its policies.

VERA's programmer has been at the wheel for almost 40 years now, and the volunteers that come and go, all contribute to the club both practically and emotionally. This atmosphere, which you feel as soon as you step inside, is what makes VERA special, and offers a feeling of belonging somewhere. It's about the music, about the association, and about wanting to part of the club.

VERA is a safe-haven for some and a steppingstone to others.


Help us finish this film! We need to continue a while longer, as there is so much more to discover, and we need money to do this. Support us, and receive something in return.

Quote that inspired the maker

"It's getting hard to see where the museum stops and the club starts."
Sigo Koning
This project was closed on 09-09-2019

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