A Short film by Maurice de Bruijne
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LOCKLINEHugo obsessively examines his body parts. Afraid to find diseases and defects. Then he meets Tom. An open-minded, energetic mechanic.


By Motorhead,Trounce


Venturi tells a story about fear, self diagnosis, rubbing your skin until it turns red, speed, obsessions, motor oil, therapists, beer, trust and freedom.

We follow Hugo, an eleven year old hypochondriac, during his search for less anxiety and more courage. Along the way body and machine are connected to each other, we visit the church, websites full of frightened people, his wild dreams ... and the garage of Tom. An open-minded, energetic mechanic.

We, a group of ambitious young filmmakers, want to portray the development and perception of Hugo in a peculiar way. Young people who have suffered from anxiety can get lost in obsessive actions and thoughts. Their immediate surroundings do not always know what that feels like, or what maneuver can lift the tension.

In Hugo's case, the sollution presents itsel from an unexpected angle. But the rough, noisy, beer-drinking Tom turns out to be exactly what he needs.

With this film, we want to take our next step into the world of cinema. We're going to shoot Venturi on a small budget, but with high quality, within five days (1 t/m 5 Aug.).

The scenario, the locations, the stylization and a large part of the cast are ready to go! But to get the film on the right level through post-production, we need some extra resources. And that's where we need your help.

A professionel post-production proces is, for instance, crucial. This allows festivals and interested parties (for distribution and promotion) to bring the film to a wider audience.

Are you excited about Venturi, does it sound recognizable and/or do you think it is important that this subject is filmed in a unique way: us!
Every donation has its own reward. Check it out!

We are very grateful.


Hugo's tekeningen + locaties

Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

Doctor: And it's just in one ear? Mickey: Y-yes. Is it healthier to have problems in both ears?
Hannah and Her Sisters - 1986