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LOCKLINEWhen single-mother Maggie Bloemendal loses her son and retreats into a make-belief world in which he is still alive, she'll do anything to stay there

BLURRED is a short absurd drama about the selfishness of the grieving process. Everyone grieves on their own terms, often leaving no room for the process of another.



Single-mother Maggie (45) has always formed a solid tripod with her two children, Lucas (6) and Saar (17). When Lucas is killed in a tragic biking accident, the family is completely thrown off balance. The only way for Maggie to keep going is to escape to an alternate reality. She creates an exact miniature replica of the house, in which Lucas is alive and Maggie has everything under control.

But when Saar tries to fix the tripod her own way by inviting her boyfriend Kevin (20) into the family, it becomes harder and harder for Maggie to hang on to her fantasy. When Saar gives Kevin her brother’s necklace and destroys the dollhouse, she leaves Maggie with no other option but to eliminate the biggest threat to her fictional world.


BLURRED is essentially about the egotistical side of grieving. Mourning is very personal. While there are general stages of grief processing, how and at what speed you go through it is different for everyone. Special belief patterns may be formed. Character traits might be enhanced or changed. Relationships get blurred.

When in mourning, you are very much occupied with yourself and little with the other person. It is almost impossible to empathize with someone else because you are so deeply absorbed by your grief.

In BLURRED, both Maggie and Saar are confronted with very intense feelings - feelings they have no control over. Anger and denial become a form of self-protection.

Maggie wants to stay in her fantasy word at all costs. It is fight or flight for her. The same goes for Saar.




It has been 9 years since my father died of the effects of colon cancer. During the writing of BLURRED, my stepfather, who had become just as important, also passed away unexpectedly. Like no other, I know what it's like to deal with the death of a loved one: the loneliness and the temptation to escape reality.

My brother got married on Ibiza. The fairytale wedding was pushed forward because of my father's illness. But daddy didn't come.

He became unwell. With the entire family already on the island, he was alone with my stepmother when he died. I was too late.

By the time my plane landed on Schiphol Airport, my father was already lying on an ice tray in the bedroom. My strong father. The man who had always protected me. His skin was gray; his cheeks has collapsed as a result of an unfair fight against endless rounds of Chemo.

The days after that passed in a haze: the funeral cards, the caskets, the service. I trudged through all the preparations. Anything was better than opening the flood gates and letting in the tsunami of pain.

My stepmother observed the process like an ice queen. She didn't want to speak during the service. She didn't want to eat or speak with us afterwards. She wanted nothing to do with us anymore. The day after the cremation, she had already divided the entire inheritance. That very afternoon, we were at the notary's office.

Although it has taken years, I now realize that she did, in fact, love my father. Maybe even so much that it turned her into a monster when he died. Likewise, I was so preoccupied with my own pain, that I couldn't see it any other way.

It is immensly important for me to tell this story because BLURRED shows the insane side to the grieving process. The closests relationships are put under great pressure and the more this happens, the more desperate people try to cling to the illusion that reality is nothing but a bad dream.


The absurdist elements ensure that the film doesn't become too heavy. After all, BLURRED is not about death and grief, but rather about the consequences. These can sometimes be absurd.

BLURRED is a contemporary blend of genres, with a bit of absurdism a la Alex van Warmerdam's Borgman, in which we never know whether or not to sympathize with the choices the main character makes.

Maggie is portrayed in the style of control freak Carolyn Burnham from American Beauty, while the devastating relationship between Maggie and daughter Saar is reminiscent of the complex dynamics in Lady Bird. Neverthelss, BLURRED follows its own path and shows, without mercy, the 'unconscious' dark side of Man.  


Target Audience

Peope who want to see this film are fans of short films in general, but above all, people that have lost someone close to them or are afraid to lose someone.



The objective of this film is to offer viewers a unique take on grieving and what it can do to people.


Why do people NEED to see this movie?

Selfishness when grieving is a recognizable phenomenon. Sooner or later the death of a loved one comes our way. Fortunately, not everyone has to deal with such an extreme grieving process as Maggie's. However, it could happen to each of us.



BLURRED will be recorded in a time span of 3 days in the first week of February.



This is a No/Low-Budget film. The money collected through CineCrowd will be spent on equiment rental (Camera, Light, etc), Props and Art, Catering and on entrance fees for film festivals.



BLURRED will be screened at the Kriterion in Amsterdam at the end of May. Furthermore, we will submit the film to numerous national and international film festivals.

Quote that inspired the maker

'Dig in. He's getting cold.'