Tribe of Ghosts

Tribe of Ghosts
A Documentary by Almicheal Fraay
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LOCKLINEIn this documentary we experience a frightening look at the lives of children with albinism in Tanzania.

Hunted by witch doctors, we see how children with albinism are repeatedly forced to journey to a physical and mental underworld. We follow a group of children on their daily rituals as they struggle with their burden and witness their fragile childhood.

Photo by Almicheal Fraay

People with albinism in Tanzania are the victims of a manhunt driven by superstition, murdered and mutilated by Mganga otherwise known as witch doctors. Witch doctors continue to propagate the belief that people with albinism are spirits whose body parts could be used to obtain wealth and good fortune. But why are people with albinism still being hunted in the 21st century, why aren’t people being educated to know that these superstitions are not correct?

Photo by Almicheal Fraay

Tribe of Ghosts. 
‘Tribe of Ghosts’ is a documentary that takes place within an shelter; here we see a dreamy, but frightening look at the lives of young children with albinism. This shelter is a place where we observe the innocence of these young children and learn about the consequences of these superstitions. We follow a group of young children trying to make the best of the situation that was forced upon them. Armed guards watch over the children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The children cannot leave the shelter because they are likely to be subjected to torture and ill-treatment or worse death. They are refugees in their own country.

Every day begins the same for these children. As the sun slowly comes up, they get up, take a shower, put on their rugged clothes and go outside to play. They cannot play outside for too long, because without any protection against the sun’s UV rays they will most likely suffer serious damage to their skin, which can lead to skin cancer. Several children already have this and this also can lead to serious eye damage that can make them completely blind. The children go to school during the hottest period of the day. During the afternoon they wander around, play with sticks, fight with each other, anything to keep themselves busy. Due to lack of resources, they only get to eat once a day. There is no real progress in their situation, which makes everything even more frustrating.

Will they ever be free of their oppressors or does the cycle of pain continue, in the land of the supernatural?

Photo by Almicheal Fraay

I'm a dark skin black man, raised and currently living in a western society. I have experienced first hand what it is like to be judged on your skin color; That is why I find it intriguing to travel to a country where having a white skin is a problem.

Many people do not know the things that are happening to children with albinism in Africa. The situation that these children are currently in, might no longer occur if the citizens were less ignorant and more educated about this issue. Looking away is no longer an option, everyone has to see what the consequences are of this ignorance and what these children experience on a daily basis. As a filmmaker, I want to use my camera as a tool to show the world that these terrible things are still occurring today.

We live in the 21st century, this shouldn’t be happening. I want to involve people in this project, to bring these things to attention so that we can start a discussion. Knowledge is power, so i hope that the community in Africa will stand up against these hateful crimes against these people. But this not only has an urgency in Africa, but is also a mirror to our current western society; we as human beings are always looking to exclude someone, but why? 

People with albinism have been silenced for too long. Your support is important, because only together we can do this. Thank you. 

Photo by Almicheal Fraay

This film will be submitted to domestic and international film festivals.

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