Treffpunkt Erasmus

Rendezvous at Erasmus
A Documentary by Annet Betsalel
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LOCKLINEA wonderful archive find led to the discovery of the story that two German Wehrmacht soldiers had rescued the lives of tens of Jews during WWII.

RENDEZVOUS AT ERASMUS – The War Years of Werner Klemke

In the Summer of 2011, the archives of the Jewish community of Bussum (20 km east of Amsterdam), which had been stashed away for decades, were finally disclosed. They contained a complete archive of over 150 years, including the entire correspondence during World War II.

Among these documents, I found an amazing story of two young Wehrmacht soldiers, Johannes Gerhardt and Werner Klemke, who met the Jewish van Perlstein family at the Amsterdam bookstore Erasmus. At great risk, by forging German baptising certificates, they saved the live of that family.

Together with the van Perlsteins, Gerhardt and Klemke then continued helping save dozens of people from deportation, arranging hideaways, forging foodstamps and even delivering information to the armed resistance.

Gerhardt unfortunately died in 1944, Klemke survived the war and returned to Berlin. There he started a career as book illustrator and became one of the most renowned illustrators of the former DDR and far beyond.

With World War II and the Cold War as backdrop, the documentary Rendezvous at Erasmus will portray the search of the children of Klemke and van Perlstein for their fathers' heroic struggle against injustice, a great love of books and a deep friendship that lasted a lifetime. 


Part of the documentary has already been filmed, maar there are a few scenes that are still missing and the (expensive) archive material still has to be acquired. To achieve that, we need your support - it would be a real shame if this film wouldn't be realized just because we live in a time of serious cutbacks .

So every donation will bring us closer to the realization of this important documentary. We thank you in advance for your support!

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Quote that inspired the maker

"Getting an award for saving all those people? Absolutely not! I still have sleepless nights over every single person I didn't manage to save."
Sam van Perlstein
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