Up a Tree

Up a Tree
A Documentary by Bodil Tummers en Hannah Cammeraat
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About the project
LOCKLINEIn the German Hambach forest the environment and brown coal are at war. The outcome will decide the region’s future.

The film captures activists in the Hambach Forest who are living in treehouses in order to protect the forest against the expansion of the adjacent lignite mine. A symbolic fight which got a deeper meaning in regard to the decision to phase out lignite by 2038. Phasing out coal is indubitably the right decision for the environment, but this decision will also imply the loss of thousands of jobs in the coal mines. In what way the government and the RWE will resolve this social economic problem is not clear.

‘Up a Tree’ captures both these stories and brings them together in a documentary of approximately twenty minutes. It is a film that gives a unique view on the conflict in the eyes of a passionate activist living in a treehouse and willing to give his life for a better environment on the one side and a hard worker who makes a living from the lignite, but struggles an uncertain future and a fear of losing his culture, on the other side.

Our experience

Hours of reading and researching can’t compete with the moment we saw for ourselves how this entrenched industry manifested itself. Astonishment is what we felt seeing the gigantic lignite mine for the first time, an enormous hole in the ground that gave us the feeling of looking out on a planet. We saw cleverly built tree houses and fanatic activists from all over the world, and we captured their battle against this enormous hole (with just a little fear of heights).

From that moment, the meaning of lignite to the culture of North Rhine-Westphalia was brought to life. However, we would not say there is one culture, because the residents’ view on the lignite and the mine is a world of difference. We truly can’t wait to take you to these two worlds by showing you our film.

Do you want to join us in this adventure? We have been touring through the German region, not stopped by adverse weather conditions. Now, we are almost ready to bring the story together in the edit. Yet, we need some help to realize this documentary, before it will find oneself on the big screen and possibly your screen.

Join us

As young filmmakers we are not able to finance all the costs of making this documentary ourselves. Just a small donation can already enable us to capture this story with exclusive shots, such as magnificent drone shots and a unique view in the treehouses through the lens of a Gopro. Additionally, our little red car needed to be provided with fuel. This car drove us from Utrecht to Germany a several times, but to really conquer the world with our film, we would very much like to send our documentary to as many film festivals as possible.

Do you agree that telling it is important to tell this story? Every contribution is more than welcome. On the right side of this page we are presenting you with rewards to  thank you for your support and contribution!


Quote that inspired the maker

"I didn't even know that Europe is still burning lignite."
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