Thumbs Up Africa

Thumbs Up Africa
A Documentary by Jaron de Paauw, Jerry de Mars e.a.
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LOCKLINEThree young adventurers hitchhike 15.000 kilometers from the Netherlands to South-Africa. They are followed by Suitcase Cinema's filmmakers.

Three young adventurers embark on an unprecedented journey: Hitchhiking 15.000 kilometers from Groningen (the Netherlands) to Cape Town (South Africa), crossing 18 countries in less than a 100 days. Sierd, Neda and Christiaan want to better grasp what the effects of such things as conflict, climate change, and socio-economic injustices are in the daily lives of the people they meet during their journey.

They stay at local communities and volunteer in a diverse range of development projects. On their way, they find themselves talking with for instance wounded Syrian 'rebels' at the border with Turkey or refugees in Sudan. They pull up their sleeves to actively participate in for instance projects that promote women's rights in Egypt, try to prevent child labour in Ethiopia, or stop rhino poachers in the wildlife reserves in Zimbabwe.

Each ride, each place to spend the night, and each project is a story. With a small camera in their hands and followed by 2 filmmakers, they show from the inside out where we stand in reaching a sustainable society.

Thanks to the money we hope to get from the cinecrowd community we can create a unique documentary out of all the material we shot during Thumbs Up Africa. The stories we encountered need to be shared. Through these stories we hope to show the 'real' Africa. A continent with its share of problems, but also full of hope and inspiring people.


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In search of an answer to the question: Where do we stand in reaching a sustainable society? Thumbs Up Africa gives us the unique chance to tell the stories we came across on the road to Cape Town.
This project was closed on 28-03-2013

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