The Camel's Back

The Camel's Back
A Short film by Zep van Tienen
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LOCKLINEWilliam struggles with his masculinity. With his girlfriend he picks up a hitchhiker. After this their relationship will never be the same.

In The Camel’s Back we follow William, a young man struggling with the feeling of not being masculine enough. This unfolds in a search in which he has multiple personal confrontations that force him to make choices.

My name is Zep van Tienen, 23 years old and bachelor student at St. Joost Academy of Art & Design in Breda. This year I’m making my graduation movie. The film is about identity, doubt, masculinity and the search young people have to go through, on their way to adulthood. Masculinity is the picture that’s painted by social expectation; As a masculine man you’re always certain, assertive and focused on financial success. Insecurities should be hidden and as a man you can do everything on your own. These are topics that need to be made discussable and I hope that my short fiction film can be a starting point for this discussion. To realize this film we could really use your support.

The Story

William is a young man who is struggling with his identity and the battle he wages with his masculinity. William is a writer and is busy working on his first piece. He lives in a tight chalet with his girlfriend Maya. In this relationship William tries to maneuver through the eternal struggle of pleasing his girlfriend and guarding his fragile side she views as weak.

During their drive on the way home they encounter a hitchhiker. William feels the irresistible urge to listen to what the hitchhiker has to say. He puts their relationship on edge by listening to William. After a couple of increasingly intense confrontations William decides to choose himself.


I see masculinity as a mask that’s easy to put on to hide insecurities and emotions. But does this make me a “real man”? what is a real man supposed to be anyway? These are good questions to ask ourselves.

Today’s society has this idea that there is a status quo, a norm so to speak, about what a man should be. This has a negative influence on young men. This notion of what is normal is especially impactful to those in the age category where they haven’t yet figured out what they want with their lives.

what does masculinity mean and which expectations come with being a masculine man once you are an adult. I think it’s important to make this topic discussable and I hope my short film can help with that.


Making this movie is really important to me. It’s fueled with love, passion and enthusiasm, but that’s not all you need to make a movie. The crew needs good equipment to take this story to a professional level with high-quality production and a location that gives my story power. Thereby, all the people who work on this project with just as much passion and love shouldn’t lack anything during this process. For example travel costs, catering, styling, makeup etc. In exchange for your donation, you will of course receive a gift in return from us! For more information check out the rewards tab.

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From all the crew and cast of The Camel’s Back we want to thank you and we will hopefully see you at the premiere!

Quote that inspired the maker

I really don't have any solutions and I don't like movies that do.
Charlie Kaufman
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