The Ape Man

The Ape Man
An Animation by Pieter Vandenabeele
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About the project
LOCKLINEIn this short and quirky animation film, a lonely, little man is looking for the Tarzan inside to rescue his nextdoor Jane.

About The Ape Man


Our protagonist is not your typical Hollywood hero. He is a little, pudgy, shy man. By day, he's a garbage man, but in the evening, he watches Tarzan-movies and dreams off in his lush rooftop jungle.

His desire and ambitions awaken when he hears the aggressive rants of his neighbour. He decides to look for the Tarzan inside to rescue his nextdoor Jane.

In this quirky animated short without dialogue, the audience follows an anti-hero in his awkward attemps to be someone he dreams of being (Tarzan) and to get the girl he dreams of having (Jane). But not all works out as he wishes.

Creating the film

The Ape Man is a 2D animated film. The characters are digitaly animated while the backgrounds are a combination traditional and digital drawings. A lot of the background are made by illustrator Maarten Zerelik or are a mix of Maarten and Pieter's artwork.

Animating a shot in Toon Boom Harmony
Background composition sketch
Background by Maarten Zerelik

Fellow animators working on the film are Karolien Raeymaekers, Jeroen Ceulebrouck and Eno Swinnen.
The soundtrack is composed by Peter Vermeersch and the sound design is provided by THINKNTALK.

About the creator 

In 2014 Pieter Vandenabeele graduated at KASK / School of Arts Gent with the animated short A Dog's Life, which is now Vimeo Staff Pick.
The Ape Man is loosely based on a comic book Pieter made a few years ago. Check it out here:


About You

Most of the animations are now finished. We are currently in post-production of the film and we are in need of some more financing to finish the backgrounds, the coloring and the music.
You can help us finalize the film. Check out the perks, choose what you like best.

Be sure to follow the project on Facebook, where we share new visuals and behind-the-scenes.

Thank you!

Quote that inspired the maker

Tarzan. Tar-zan.
Tarzan (1999)
This project was successfully funded on 09-02-2017

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