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Welcome to the official "THE OBSERVERS" cinecrowd page. 

We are proud to announce that we are gonna be making a Horror Short Film and we could really use your help! 

We are producing The Observers as a group called Shifting Visuals. Our goal for this film and Shifting visuals is to shift perspectives, while aiming to move and touch the audience with our upcoming productions. 

We wanted to make The Observers a real horror film without the cheap and unnecessary jumpscares used in modern day horror. We were inspired by the works of great writers like Stephen King and the dark and gruesome concepts normally found in his work can certainly be found in The Observers!

On a seemingly normal morning Jim Davis wakes up to discover he is isolated from the rest of the world by an impenetrable dome of TV static surrounding his house. Jim will be trying to survive the psychological effects of total isolation while the world is literally betting on him to die.

Our goal for this crowdfunding campaign is to raise a 1000 euro's to elevate our production.

We are planning on making this movie with or without the funds but by contributing you can help us reach the quality and polish we have in mind. That is why we could use your help! 

Our team currently consists of passionate and talented people who are all working for free with their own equipment to make this the best short horror film it can be!

Every part of your contribution to our Short Film will go to the following

  • - Lighting
  • - Camera equipment
  • - locations
  • - props
  • - visual effects
  • - Catering
  • - and post production

When you contribute to our movie you will not only have the right to brag about funding an indie film group but you can also make use of the various perks we have made available for you. For example.

  • - Attending a private Zoom premiere + Q&A
  • - Having your name in the credits.
  • - A copy of the screenplay
  • - A copy of the storyboard
  • - An exclusive poster
  • - Getting a customized movie poster with you on the forefront as the lead.  


Every penny helps a lot and there will be cool perks available for any type of budget.

Some people just can't contribute, we understand that! 

But there are other ways you can help us. 

Drop here!

Quote that inspired the maker

“Sometimes dead is better.”
Pet Sematary
This project was closed on 14-04-2021

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