Sobibor Excavated, the 4 stages of deceit

Sobibor Excavated, the 4 stages of deceit
A Documentary by Mark Limburg
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LOCKLINE200.000 were killed at Sobibor. Nazis closed it in 1943, covering up their killings. What remained sank into the ground. Waiting to be excavated.

Sobibor Excavated – The 4 stages of deceit is a documentary in 4 chapters in which the treacherous and misleading character of extermination camp Sobibor is exposed.

There's the story of Rudie, who lost his mother at Sobibor when he was only 4 years old. He can't remember how she looked, how she talked or moved. All that is left is a farewell-letter she wrote during her transport to Poland and threw out of the train. The train who transported her to her death. " I'm in the train to Poland...I'll pull through...this is a farewell-letter...Goodbye my love.."

The story of Lies who's 8 year old cousin was murdered in the camp. While always playing together in early childhood they developed a special bond with each other. David always watched out for here, like the big brother she never had. She got away while being rounded up in Amsterdam, only 4 years old. And although he was killed instantly upon arrival in Poland he stayed with her all of her life. So it seemed like a sign of heaven when she got a call in 2013. Archeologists excavated his name tag deep from within the ground of Sobibor. From then on there was only one wish: touching the name tag to somehow give a fitting ending to a 70 year long greeving period. But the nametag can not leave Poland according to Polish law and it is emotionally to heavy for her to go there.

And then there is Sobibor itself. 'Born' in 1942 in Wannsee, Berlin. In 70 years the site has lost nothing of its treacherous and misleading character. It looks exactly how the Nazis wanted it to look: like a beautiful and innocent forest with nothing but trees, birds and silence. 'The silence is very symbolic' says Polish archeologist Wojchiek, who together with Israeli archeologist Yoram Haimi (who two uncles were murdered here) started digging in 2007. Slowly but surely they reveil the true character of the camp. In 1943 burried by the nazi's under thick layers of asphalt. In 2013 they discovered the remains of the gas chambers and piece by piece they complete the puzzle that combined form the heart and soul of this 'theatre of death' as one of the archeologists says.

Three strories interwoven in a 60 minute film. About what happened then still playes a big part in the everyday life of the surviving relatives.


Me and my crew are supported by the Dutch Sobibor Foundation and EO Dutch Public television. When we started this project in 2015 we soon found out that Dutch Public Television funding would be a long and tedious road. Taking away the power and energy to 'create'. And because the people in our film would not be getting any younger we decided to go for it. We took a liberating exit from the long long highway of Dutch Public Television funding and just started.
But, we need money to finish the film. A budget for the final days of shooting, editing, colour correction, effects and audio

Why Cinecrowd?
We think it is important that this film is made. That stories about the Holocaust are told. Again and again. For every new genaration. Especially in times like these it is important to show new audiences to what horrors populism can lead and what happened there in the 40's, on the outskirts of Europe. Hidden in the thick woods of Poland. Far away from civilisation.

We would like to raise € 25.000,- with this campaign. This money will be used for travel expenses for necessary final shoots in Berlin, Poland and Israel. As well as on post production (edit, sound, colouring).

Quote that inspired the maker

The gate opened, revealing what seemed to be a beautiful village...
Toivi Blatt