Shiny New World

Shiny New World
A Short film by Jan van Gorkum
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About the project
LOCKLINEBarry cleans locations where demons have wreaked havoc and is going through a tough time while making an instructional movie about his job.

Shiny New World is a very special and quirky genre film. A film in which dark humor and over-the-top horror are combined in a unique way. The concept is surprising and daring at the same time. The project is intended for a large and international audience.

This self-contained short film will also serve as a proof of concept for the long feature film called The Cleaner. A film which gives the viewer a glimpse into the life of a very special kind of cleaner, someone who has to clean other people's mess every day. And not just any mess: limbs, guts and blood, spread over various interiors. Misery caused by demons who have been unable to hold back. Beings who have become trapped in our world through human actions, against their will, and who do not always behave properly.

In Shiny New World we introduce the viewer to cleaner Barry and the world of The Cleaner in a special way: in the form of a corporate film of the cleaning company in which we follow Barry during a normal day at work, which is quickly getting out of hand.

Vision of the director

Shiny New World is a combination of horror and black humor, inspired by horror comedies from the 80s and 90s. As a filmmaker, Jan has always dreamed of making an inky and satirical horror film as his feature debut, given his predilection for black humor and horror. Shiny New World will therefore be an important step towards the realization of his feature film The Cleaner.

Black humor always plays an important role in Jan's work. It is a vicious and surprising form of humor that has a stimulating effect. It often occurs in real life, in uncomfortable situations, making it universal. In addition, the ways in which you build an exciting scene and a humorous scene are similar. They have many interfaces, which makes it easy to combine genres like horror and black comedy. The discharge - laughing or be scared - is of course different, but the build-up is not. As a viewer you sometimes do not know which of the two you can expect in a scene, which makes it often more suprising. 

Barry, in his fifties, is an original main character in this type of genre film. There are countless genre films with American people in their twenties or thirties as main characters, who discover their true purpose in life and fight evil. This makes it a relief to have someone of middle age from the Netherlands as the main character. He also provides a nice contrast to the young teens in the film who are the cause of the mess he has to clean up. A good guy who persists despite all the bad luck.

In terms of play and dialogues, Jan has a realistic tone in mind. He personally always thinks black humor works best when strange dialogues or situations are presented in all seriousness. When the actors play realistic, even if situations are absurd or humorous, it will actually strengthen the humor and make the characters credible.

The special effect make up

An important part of the film and our campaign are the special make up effects. For this we collaborate with the super creative The Mad Scientists; a collective that focuses entirely on designing and creating special effects. The effects will be realized under the supervision of Richard Raaphorst and Stephan Vos.

In addition to a bloody crime scene, there are also several demons which will be created with practical effects. We promise them to become very iconic creations and we can't wait to share the creation process with everyone.

Why support?

In The Netherlands it is relatively difficult to get genre film off the ground, despite the fact that it has a wide audience. In our view, Shiny New World is an original genre concept that deserves to be made! There will be put a lot of love, time and enthusiasm in the project; at this point only the finances are missing. In addition, it is a concept which, in combination with high-end practical effects, will become a remarkble film as never before been shown in the Dutch film scenery.

What happens with your money?

The full crowdfunding budget will be used to take the project to a higher level. A large part of the costs for this film are accounted for by the special effect make-up and practicals. Making these effects requires a lot of time and material costs. In addition, a complete interior of the bungalow will have to be recreated, because the practical effects require a lot of attention and are therefore best filmed in studio conditions. And to be honest; would you mess up your own house with blood and gore for film purposes?

We also don't want to let our crew and cast work for free. If we manage to get the full budget, we can offer them a small fee. Other costs you have to think of are production costs such as catering, clothing and props, renting transport and reimbursing travel costs.

Will you help Shiny New World come to life?

We are very far in the development of this short film, but still need some extra help. This crowdfunding campaign, in which we can expect a fine contribution from the Province of Limburg, is an important part of the financing. We hope that you too would like to support us with a contribution. Of course in exchange for nice rewards. Thank you very much!

Director Jan van Gorkum
Producer Monique van Kessel (Make Way Film)


Please note that when supporting our project we need to send you the rewards by mail. In case the reward needs to be send to an address outside The Netherlands, we will contact you in order to pay us the additional transport costs. Thanks for your understanding. 

Quote that inspired the maker

Shiny New World will be a type of genre film which hasn't been made in the Netherlands before, filled with dark humor and old school special effects. A homage to horrorfilms from the 80's and 90's with international potential. Support this project!
Jan Doense
This project was successfully funded on 02-09-2020

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