A Short film by Stijn Koomen
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About the project
LOCKLINEShift. A planned murder takes an unexpected turn. What if you suddenly realise that killing is your destiny?

The Birth of an Idea

The story of this film came to me (as most ideas emerge i guess) in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed, started writing and then went back to bed again. When I woke up the next morning I could hardly remember it but found a script for a short film on my dining table. 

I am quite a perfectionist and usually do not find my writing good enough. This however, I thought was good. The text reflected a series of images that appealed to me which I could clearly imagine over and again. A style.... a certain atmosphere...a feeling.


The story is about a serial killer who gets hired to kill a dancer. The killer is a calm, mysterious, and quiet young man. He wears a cowboy hat while riding his chopper motorbike. The dancer is a blonde, attractive, young lady who likes to dance and similarly to the man has a background in Martial Arts. She is content but senses a void in her life. 

The killer arrives at her street. He has arranged for their first meeting to be under the guise of 'a date'. There is chemistry and they end up in bed together. The man however keeps his distance, stays professional and sticks to his plan. When he is digging a hole in the ground outside to burry her, something unexpected happens. The girl manages to untie herself, takes over his gun and shoots him without hesitation through his head. Instead of panic or anxiety, she feels an adrenaline rush, excitement, a feeling that she had been missing in her life. She is surprised by the ease to which she shot him and the lack of remorse she feels. This is her new path. This is her calling. She will take over his job and become the best serial killer she can be. She has found happiness. 

The story will be told in about 12 to 15 minutes. 

The Style

I like long shots and tranquility on the screen. When a car drives off I love to watch it drive away for a while instead of an immediate cut into the next scene. Hence, I will work with long shots e.g. a motorbike that drives through a tunnel which seems to have no ending. In addition, I will compose my own music for this film. Think of 80's synthesizers that make the images dreamy (e.g. Twin Peaks sountrack or music of Electric Youth). Regarding the acting I like natural and close shots of the actors; eyes, mouth, feet etcetera. Filming parts of a whole. I will tell the story without any spoken text. This is a challenge but I believe it will make the result much stronger. A good example of the style I want to use in my fim can be recognized in the films of Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon). He works a lot with strong visual shots and music that takes the image to another level. He also uses a lot of colour. Now am I a sucker for film noir, so I am thinking about shooting the film in black and white (or partly black and white).

Extra feature

To limit the expenses and give the shooting an extra boost I decided to film the entire movie in 4k on a mobile phone. This is not easy. I still need to purchase equipment to ensure the quality of the film. Think about apps, steadicams, camerasliders, lightsets, microphones etc. Still this method saves me thousands of euro's compared to when I would use normal camera equipment. I don't believe I need to spend endless amounts of money to be able to shoot a cool film, especially with the technology we have today. There are countless possibilities which one only needs to find out how to use. I see this as a fun challenge and hope to be able to get all the benefits out of this method (e.g. faster filming, uploading, editing on the sight, fliming from short angles etc.). I have been surprised by how many movies have been shot with telephones already. Think for instance of the documentary: "Searching for Sugar Man" or the movie: "Tangerine" (shot with three Iphones 5s). Technology has further improved since then. Moreover, I have an IT guy in our crew who will work on getting us the best soft and hardware. 

About me


When I was ten I started the Youth Theatre School in Amsterdam. Since age twelve I have been working as a TV- and film actor in the Netherlands. From children series to commercials and short movies to feature films. I also have been writing for the bigger part of my life. Currently, I am enjoying a program at the Theatre School de Trap (3rd year) where I learn more about making, writing and directing plays. Basically, I have been raised on filmsets and this is where I feel at home. I love movies and everything related to it.


I have started this crowdfunding because (despite the fact I do not need much to deliver this film) I could use a starting budget to ensure I have all the equipment to safeguard the quality of my first short film.

Quote that inspired the maker

It's not all about the money...