A Short film by Vincent Bal
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About the project
LOCKLINEShadowology is a magical short film with a mix of live action and animation, that brings a tribute to the imagination .


The short film Shadowology is a wonderful combination of live-action and the shadow-doodles created by film-maker Vincent Bal. The shadow drawings were created when Vincent, while working on a film script, saw that the shadow of his teacup looked like an elephant. He drew eyes and a mouth and shared the photo on social media. The people reacted so enthusiastically that he decided to make 1 drawing every day. We are now more than two years later and in the meantime more than 400,000 people are following the Shadowology account of Vincent on Instagram.


Soon the idea came to make a short film. This is the story: Max (9) can not go to the sea with his mother and sister, because he has to work on his speech. Then Max sees that the shadow of a telephone charger looks like a little man. He draws eyes and a mouth. To his surprise, the little man becomes alive! He asks Max to take him to the sea. The shadow sea, which is projected through a vase on the wall in the room. Max does everything to bring the male to the sea before the sun disappears. He is helped by his father, who gradually succeeds in throwing away a little of his dusty maturity and is now looking at the world with a childlike, uninhibited gaze. And therefore also he comes back closer to his son Max.

Vincent Bal

Vincent Bal is a film maker in heart and soul. He films, he draws, he creates shadow doodles. As a writer and director of films such as Minoes and Brabançonne, he showed how he combines humor and emotion in a perfect way. With the international animated series Kika & Bob, Vincent came closer to his wish from childhood: becoming a cartoonist. With this short film all elements that characterize Vincent's work come together: fantasy, drawings, live action, nostalgia, humor and originality.

Together with the animator Marlon Nowe, who lives in L.A., Vincent has conceived the plan to make a film of his shadowology technique. The live-action part has now been run. Now it's time to bring the shadow man from the movie to life. The intention is that it moves in the real space, like a real shadow would do. The shadow will be animated with the 2D Toon Boom program. However, for this post-production project the film needs your support. It is a very labor-intensive process and that takes a lot of time, and therefore a lot of money ...


Quote that inspired the maker

'The shadow is the place where your fantasy sees the light'
Vincent Bal - The man behind the shadows & Director