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About the project
LOCKLINESchadowhunter is a short film about a boy and his search for his stolen view master. The journey is filled with hedges, personal growth and setbacks.

The beginning..

As a kid I let my imagination run wild. Together with my brother I would build a maze out of old mattresses. A playground, some bits and pieces and our family dog got turned into a Russian circus. Some bread with water, my moms dresses and a couple of cassette tapes with my uncle's church choir's singing on them gave the Vatican a run for their money.

Roots in Limburg

The matresses from back in the days will have to make way for a gigantic labyrinth. It is located in Vaals, where the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany come together. The main character of “Schadowhunter” chases after the guy who stole his view master and they end up in a maze. Throughout the movie our main character will age and experience lots of things.

When I visited places like the labyrinth in Vaals as a kid, this place would seem massive and quite magical. Kids appear to have a different way of looking at things then adults do. A maze can seem exciting, scary and confusing. The appearance of the labyrinth in “Schadowhunter” will change, depending on how the main character feels. I would love to show that magical maze that I saw so clearly as a child, and that I can still vividly imagine today, to others. 

The Limburg landscape, the hills, but also the lights of the industrial buildings of DSM, which for me also radiate something magical: all of those things I hope to capture in this film. I love the down to earth approach, the calm and a bit introvert nature of the people in this region. Beautiful, ancient Maastricht, raw and industrial Heerlen, it's landscapes and the little villages. Up until now I did not have an opportunity to work on a filmproject in Limburg. Most of the projects I have worked on were in the Northern part of the Netherlands or in Berlin. I have lived in different places, but would love to create something in the place where I grew up, the place where I found so much magic.


A teenage boy is standing in the middle of a big wide open field, looking through the lens of his view master at pictures from himself when he's older. His dreaming comes to a abrupt ending when someone grabs the view master from him and runs off. After an initial surprised reaction, our boy starts chasing him. The both of them get to a maze with massive hedges and without hesitation enter this adventurous looking arena.

What follows is the boy growing older and older while chasing this person, this schadow. At times he will be so close he can almost reach it, at others he is nowhere to be seen. The boy grows into a man and his mood changes, just like the weather and the appearance of the maze. A tower appears in the middle of the maze and makes for a second surprise, this time by what he finds up there.


The theme

As long as I can remember there is a pattern in my behavior. As with most people, I was blinded by this pattern, up till a couple of years ago. Whenever I was on the right track in life and when I had a certain equilibrium things came to me. Life and goals that I tried to achieve seem to fit together like a puzzle. Whenever I clung onto something everything seemed to freeze up. The harder I tried to succeed, the further away succes appeared to be. The faster I would run the further away my goal appeared to be. The more frustrated, “blinded”, chaotic and clouded I became. Whether if it involved school, career, identity, friendships or relationships.

“Schadowhunter” is such an example were only when I let go, things would fall into place. It started out as a completely different story and I was well on my way towards my old pattern of pushing through as fast as I could, until I recognized my behavior and decided to take a step back. This film is a translation of that feeling, of that experience, and I think a lot of people will be able to recognize themselves in it.

Now what?

It is time to transform “Schadowhunter” from an idea on a piece of paper into a beautiful short film.  It would be impossible to do this all by myself and there is a whole team of fantastic people behind this idea, who all believe in it. From camera to sound, actors, production, promotion, music etc. etc. Without them it would not be possible to make this film. However, without the support from this campaign the movie will not be possible to make either. The money raised with this campaign will be used for locations, equipment, catering, transport, make-up and PR. For instance in order to send the movie to many filmfestivals throughout the world, who ask for a fee in order to submit the movie. We hope you will want to support the film and that you are as eager as we are to see “Schadowhunter” come to life on the big screen.


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.


Quote that inspired the maker

I would love to show that magical maze that I saw so clearly as a child, and that I can still vividly imagine today, to others. 
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