Saved The World Today

Saved The World Today
A Short film by Pepijn Tebrunsvelt
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LOCKLINEA shy boy traveling public transport at night appears to be the only witness to a few men sexually assaulting a girl. How will he react?

Just go do it.

After multiple successful storydriven commercials and documentaries Studio Gotley is producing her first short film!

The movie is set on public transport at night as we follow the story of a young boy who is forced by extreme circumstances to confront his own inner conflict. The event unexpectedly puts him eye to eye with the painful reality of public female intimidation.

Together with an amazingly talented cast & crew we're fast underway to realizing an emotionally gripping film.

Despite the fact that the complete cast and crew are working for free, there are still some major production costs needing to be covered. Examples of these concerning costs are hotels, travel expenses, catering, permits, film gear and handmade props.

We are in desperate need of you financial support to make this film a reality.
Take a look at the reward list to see what getting involved in this project may bring you!

The Pitch:

A boy on public transport at night is confronted with his insecurities when he appears to be the only witness to a sexual assault. His inner conflict splices his morality as the situation worsens with every passing second while he keeps on doing nothing.

When he finally decides to help things turn south fast... He end up becoming the center of a gruesome fight.

While he appears to physically be losing, his decision to help the girl by sacrificing himself unexpectedly rids him of his negative self image.

How will this turn out? You'll discover the conclusion to this story in the finished film!

We hope to have sparked your intrest in the story and thank you very much for your contributions!

Quote that inspired the maker

"Pain is temporary, film is forever"
Michael Caton- Jones
This project was successfully funded on 08-04-2020

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