RR Update #4 - First Episode almost finished!

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Dear supporter of Refugee Roads,

Great news! We are in the final stretch of producing the first episode of the documentary! If everything goes well we will have it finished within four weeks.

Throughout the last couple months, while we have been busy with the post-production of the documentary, the stories we will report have continued to develop. The infamous camp in Calais was closed by the authorities. Refugees all over Europe have gone through another harsh winter. Volunteers and NGO’s that we encountered continue to provide for their basic needs daily. And the border fences in Hungary and FYROM are still standing strong.

During the last six months, we thus freed as much time as possible next to our studies to push the post-production process forward. In fact, we managed to create a small ambitious team spread over four countries around us who all have supported us tremendously along every new step we’ve taken thus far. Musicians, animations artists, editors and our two co-producers are all working with us on making the most out of the material that we’ve collected.

We can now already reveal to you as crowdfunding supporters that the first episode will be about twenty minutes long and will take the viewer with us from Den Haag to Dunkerque in France, where the first refugee camp that we visited is located.

Two weeks ago, the German radio station Deutsche Welle conducted an interview with Refugee Roads. If you want to hear more about what we were up to we invite you to listen to their report here: http://www.dw.com/en/inside-europe-a-journey-along-refugee-roads/av-37872366

Have a great day and we’ll be in touch with you whenever it is time to fulfill your individual rewards.

Sincerely yours,

Florian & Timo

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