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LOCKLINEA remake of Joris Ivens and Mannus Franken poetic film Rain, from 1929, made with still images.
Who will remember the names of film pioneers like Sergei Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov or Joris Ivens? Who can remember, for instance, that Ivens made in 1929 a beautiful cinepoem called Rain, a portrait of Amsterdam in the rain.


Ivens’ short film - that he made together with Mannus Franken - captures an image of the past, it’s also full of cinematic ingenuity. Rain is considered one of the sixteen most important Dutch films ever made.




Ever since I saw the film for the first time, thirty years ago as a film student, I wanted to do a remake. As a homage and as a way of keeping film history alive by using it as material to work with.
When the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts asked filmmakers from Amsterdam to send in a proposal, I grabbed my chance. Rain is now one of the two projects selected for MADE IN AMSTERDAM - Experimental. The jury was impressed by the artistic quality and considered  the analogue approach attractive. One condition however is that part of the financing must be raised through crowd funding. Hence this crowd funding campaign. And my request to support it.


My version of Rain is a dialogue with the cinematic past. It is also a rediscovery of the city and its beauty, which often goes unnoticed due to being overcrowded and other influences of tourism. When it rains, I now discover, the city is at its most beautiful.



I make the film with photographs, still images. In black and white like Ivens’ images. I freeze time and bring it back to life in the editing. It is all about looking – seeing – which is why I choose for this unusual approach. Rain is an everyday occurrence we usually don’t pay any attention to. But rain is also very beautiful and atmospheric. And this is what I want to show.  


The black and white photographs I make and develop myself, on 35mm film. Manual labour, but it allows me to stay in control and achieve the visual style I want fort his film.


In practice for my film I will, over a period of several months, take my camera and go wandering the city whenever it rains, just as Ivens did with his movie camera, looking for images that capture the rain. Not only in the city center, but also in the outskirts, built after Ivens made his film.


When finished RAIN will not stay unseen. The film festivals that screened my previous film SOL LEWITT – especially the festivals on art, and where the film won a price – are likely to screen RAIN as well. There will be local – outdoor – screenings, when possible together with Ivens’ original film. The municipal archive of Amsterdam will screen the film next year. It will be available online.








Quote that inspired the maker

Never before rain was so beautiful.
This project was successfully funded on 15-12-2018

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