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LOCKLINEHave you ever been hurt by someone you love? Rejected by someone you desire? Passed over, ignored, humiliated? No more. Welcome to Purgatorium.

Everyone has at one time or another been mistreated, be it by a friend, lover, co-worker or family member. How deep do we bury these feelings of resentment and what does it take to bring them to the surface?

Purgatorium  is a psychological thriller that tells the story of Bart: a shy, timid everyman who finds himself locked in an old warehouse with in it five containers. From these containers, one by one, will emerge people from his past who have all wronged him somehow. From the rival co-worker who took his promotion to his former best friend who stole the girl of his dreams. A murderer’s row of pain, heartache and humiliation. When the bottled-up feelings start bubbling to the surface, violence ensues. But is Bart really the victim in all this? And who is the mysterious woman that haunts his dreams?

Intense, violent, philosophical and surrealistic: Purgatorium takes the popular single location thriller to new heights.





Back in 2012, producer Ross Walker started to make plans for a new feature film. Slowly an idea started to form in his head. In all storytelling, what generates drama? Human relationships. And where do you find more conflict, history and drama than in the everyday relationships we have with our friends, family and loved ones?

We all know what it is like to be hurt by a family member, dumped by an ex partner, betrayed by a friend, fired from a job or even just made to look like a fool. What if you were given a chance to get payback for all these wrongdoings? Purgatorium was born.

The next step was to find a director. American filmmaker and veteran stuntman Chuck Borden moved from Hollywood to Holland in 2008. His 500+ film credits include Independence Day, Star Trek, Eraser, to name but a few. Chuck and Ross had already been looking for a project to collaborate on, and Purgatorium seemed like a perfect fit!

The ball started rolling and several other extremely talented and motivated people joined the team. IFAN (Independent Film Artist Network) also recognised the film's potential and came on board. Now we need YOU, to make this film a reality.

Filmmaking is expensive. Professional equipment, locations, sets, transportation, catering, not to mention well known actors, all costs money. Despite this, we are thinking outside the box wherever we can to make this film for as little money as possible. We are not getting paid and will even personally invest our own funds into the production. That is how badly we want - need - to make this film.


We are very fortunate to have received the support of several cultural grant organisations. Combined with our own money, the majority of our budget is covered. The amount we're raising on Cinecrowd is the minimum amount we need to complete our budget and go into production.

We need your help (and have some awesome rewards lined up to thank you for your contribution), but more importantly, we WANT you to be a part of this project. Even if you can't donate, please join us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word. This is a unique project and with your support we can get this film in theatres worldwide very soon!

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"I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
Matthew 12:36-37
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