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LOCKLINEWe hunt and we are hunted. "Prey" is an animated short, originated from Persian culture with a universal message.


"Prey" is the story of an old man who enters a foggy lake for fishing. He throws his hook into the water. After we see him catch a fish and the fish’s struggle to release itself, we find out that the old man is dead. Finally, the man confronts the fish in a dream world.


This animation captures the simultaneous coexistence and clash between vivacious life and decay, as represented in the stiff body of old age. This confrontation takes place at the moment of death, whether it be the physical death of the body and soul or the metaphorical death of the human spirit and its freedoms under the bonds and restrictions imposed on the contemporary human. The fish is a symbol of life and freshness in many cultures, including Iranian culture.

In our story, the old man is the narrator, who speaks from within the context of modern life. His hard and geometric appearance expresses the apathetic, routine-driven and harsh environment contemporary existence forces us into. There’s an inherent contradiction between this kind of life and the essential dynamism and desire of human nature, which forms the core of this story.

Humans exploit their environment constantly and thoughtlessly. This is a cycle in which all of us are entangled, directly or indirectly; that is, we are both the hunters and the prey. We feel as if everything is outside of ourselves and suppose ourselves to be an empty box.  Due to continuous failures, we gradually become hardened in this cycle. We can't achieve all the things we wish we could, many of which can be attributed to good luck and fortune. Therefore, at the crucial moment of death, we discover that the only true possession of ours is the thing which has been neglected by and within us, that is, our ego. During childhood, everything is focused on the ego. Then, as we age, the ego becomes suppressed and we continue along this path of domestication without hope for change, unless we stand up from the heavy fog of illusions, hesitations and dictated bonds, recognize these limitations for what they are, and find a way to release ourselves.


"Prey" animation is my first experience in animation directing. This short animation is an allegorical story of modern humanity's problems and difficulties, which many people can relate to. As such, it is also a creative expression of concerns that are close to my heart and personal experience.

Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

Every time, the net brought a fish _ This time, the fish went and carried off the net
Saadi Shirazi (Persian poet)
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