Pom (the great)

Pom (the great)
A Short film by Jonas Klinkenbijl
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LOCKLINEPom doesn't dare to tell his mum he's being bullied. Looking for his courage he loses himself more and more in wonderful imagination.


Pom doesn't dare to tell his mum he is being bullied. 

To know what's inside someones head, you must peer inside. That's usually hard to do, but in Pom (the great) we can!

The film tells the story about Pom, a nine year old, who loses himself in recurring thoughts about being bullied. Through play and fantasy he tries to find his courage. 

The film uses sound and animation to bring Poms thoughts and feelings to life and shows there's more to Pom than meets the eye. 


Pom (the great) is a personal film for director Jonas Klinkenbijl

Pom (the great) borrows from my own experiences as a child as well as stories from friends and family. Working on the story I remembered that I experienced some compulsive tendencies, like having to walk only on whole tiles in the pavement. Research led me to realize that this behaviour was a sign of stress and tension, even in kids. I realised we never made the connection with bullying. I knew then I found the heart of my story. 

Pom isn't a hero. He's not even brave. But he's no victim. His way of survival happens to be directed inwardly. Adversity activates his rich inner world and that's what makes him shine. That for me is the meaning of the title Pom (the great). 

The film will be shown at filmfestivals. But we also hope it will be able to help reduce bullying at local schools. We're working with the foundation Stop Pesten NU (Stop Bullying NOW). We hope the film can be the start of a conversation about bullying. The film shows that not everybody reacts the same way to bullying behaviour. 



Do you think this is a worthy mission or a nice story? You can help us realise this project with your donation. 

We can bring Poms toys and his fantasy world to life. And of course we have some awesome rewards! 

Also you can contribute to watch the film, like our Facebook page and of course, share the story with others. 




Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

For the person for whom small things do not exist, the great is not great.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
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