Out of Reach

Out of Reach
A Documentary by Luke Murphy en Merel Saarloos
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About the project
LOCKLINEA journey through Northern Europe following Merel, where she explores the reality and popular opinion of technology addiction.


Merel noticed she spends an unhealthy amount of time on her phone. Only recently she realized how serious of an addiction this actually is and how it changes her behavior. She misses the moments that actually matter, being in the present. 

People use their phones for almost everything. For school, for work, to keep in contact with friends and to travel around. Is our current generation able to travel without a smartphone, based on how much we use it nowadays?
That's something Merel would like to figure out: what will be the outcome of traveling without a smartphone for three weeks? Will she be more at ease with simply being bored? Will she feel more connected with herself? What kind of adventures will she come across during the journey? 



The plan to go to Sweden started when we were thinking about driving to someplace remote. We both agreed that it would be too easy if we would travel through Central Europe, thus why we thought of Nothern Europe. We then came to know about Patrik's internet ER room (go to ''Cast & Crew'' for more information). We then agreed that Sweden would make a great fit for our documentary. Especially because there are still some Sámi (indigenous people from Lapland) that live isolated that we'd like to meet along the way. We plan to do this by driving past Jokkmokk, which is the cultural hub of Sámi. 


We are extremely eager to tell this story, but we do want to do it the right way. There are a lot of costs involved in this project. We don't want any technical faults to distract from the story we are trying to tell. This means that we not only need to rent gear for during our production (let's avoid the common phrase 'let's fix it in post'), but as you can imagine, we'll need to pay for petrol and accommodation too.
On top of that, we would like to make this documentary as visually pleasing as possible. This means that we'll need Sound Design and Colorgrading as a final touch. 


Any kind of donation would be extremely helpful for us. If you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either of us.

Thank you!




Quote that inspired the maker

''We are more connected than ever, yet so disconnected from ourselves, our most important connection''
Moulsari Jain