Oase Herdacht

Oasis Remembered
A Documentary by Ruth Meyer
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About the project
LOCKLINEHow do children experience war? A documentary with dance scenes about the tools of survival through imagination and change of reality.

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About the documentary

Oasis Remembered is partly a documentary film and partly a dance film. An unusual combination I realize. During the Second World War my Jewish family went into hiding. We escaped to a small village called “Huis ter Heide” (house on the heath), our first oasis. We remained there during 1940-45. Now 75 years later I return to my past. The stories of that time will become alive and visualized through flashbacks, via Voice Over and through images of my return to Huis ter Heide. My story recreates the memories of my childhood. It was a surrealistic time then, nothing seemed as it was. We children created our own fantasy world, our oasis. That special world I will show and share.

The second location is the beautiful Beatrixpark in Amsterdam. That park reminds me of a park in Huis ter Heide, the place where many of our exciting adventures took place.  After the war the Beatrixpark became important to me. I walked my dog there and remembered the past.

For the film the Beatrixpark will be transformed by renowned Artists; Choreographers, Visual Artists, Dancers and a Composer, into a stage where the imagination takes over and fantasy rules; expressed through Dance (my background) Art and Music. The main theme in the park is escape!  Escape from, to and escape into the imagination. Four members of the artistic team have also experienced war as children or young adults in different countries, at different times. The various makers choose their own interpretations relating to the concept we developed together. We will invite dancers who are refugees to be part of the dance scenes in Oasis Remembered.

The high-rise buildings of the Zuidas are placed around the park as silent witnesses. The viewer is taken on an unusual journey through the park. The spectator is challenged as the dances fluctuate between fantasy and reality. The theme of flight is enhanced as the park is transformed showing different atmospheres in movement, color and sound.

Why should this film be made?

Every day we are confronted with images, of thousands of children fleeing with their parents, in search of a save oasis. Hardly any attention is given to the children. Oasis Remembered is related to actuality and invites the viewer to think about the children. Today they are often dragged from place to place. No time or space is given to their need to play, fantasize and use the power of their imagination. We believe that this is an important reason for this film to be made. After all our children are the future. We should wake up now and pay attention to their needs. 

Ruth Meyer



Examples rewards:

              Multiple - free blown               Mandala  / Lotus Mandala

CrystaGlassObject (9*18 cm)              movable object (10/13cm)

        by Artist Jelena Popadic.          silver-plated wire, handmade.


Mondrian Fonds supports Oase Herdacht with an award for all Fine Arts in the project. We are very happy about it!


Merijn Bolink

When Ruth asked me to make something for Oasis Remembered, the film that will be shot in in the Beatrix Park, I immediately became interested. As a Visual artist I often work with visual installations where the people more or less perform in a set created by me. The reason I became interested is the fact that I never before worked with a choreographer. To develop a work in which the movement of the protagonist, is close to visual art and the theatre is new for me. With Oasis I have the idea that theatre and visual art come close together. In Oasis I get the chance to create work in which different aspects of my work and fascinations, are brought together. This includes a challenge of working together with different disciplines.

Biruta                                                   Kameleon 

Studio JIM-controlroom                        Amaryllis dans (40 x 60)                           

Krisztina de Chatel

The theme of escape from/to or escape into the imagination, can be expressed very well with dance, visual art and music. This theme is of great interest for me, as I also was a fugitive, escaping from Hungary in 1956 in order to be free to study Modern Dance in the West. To have to leave your country, leaving behind your past as baggage, is far from a simple thing to do. It will be fantastic if this film, Oasis Remembered can be realized.



Jelena Popadic

This life that we are living is a biggest miracle to me!  Life is a beautiful song, dance, an expression of inner potentials woven with the mind projections.

In this miracle children are the biggest wonder to me! They are the trout investment of humankind, the biggest treasure there is! There is a child in me, identified with the idea and film concept. Artist in me loves to innovate, improvise, and collaborate with other Artists. Different Art disciplines merging together are evolving ART itself.

It was always inspiring and challenging to work with Ruth Meyer!

As a Artist I feel honored to be given ones more a chance to contribute in transforming a beautiful dream in to reality. In my eyes film OASES REMEMBERD has an important message to the world, it is a call for the awakening, hope for the better future of this world where children can live freely, safe surrounded by goodness, kindness and love.  



Quote that inspired the maker

Children in a incomprehensible war situation use their imagination to transform reality and create their own world. This is an universal phenomenon.
Ruth Meyer
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