TORTUGA - The Survival Of Humanity

TORTUGA - The Survival Of Humanity
A Short film by Gabriel Martina
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About the project
LOCKLINEA journey of a newly born sea turtle that is trying to avoid plastic trash and fish hooks because of the behaviour of humanity


In March 2018 I went to Curaçao. I have been able to take a lot of underwater shots here and have experienced the problems surrounding the sea turtles up close.
Almost all sea turtle species in the world are threatened with 
extinction. This means that if no measures are taken to protect 
these animals, sea turtles will no longer occur in the sea in a few years. Not anywhere in the world.
Humans are the biggest cause.
Our influence on animals and nature is enormous.
Because I have experienced this, I want to make a critical 
wildlife film that not only focuses on beautiful shots, but also really shows the reality of the problems that sea turtles face in Curaçao.



Tortuga, which literally means “turtle”, is a short 15minute wildlife film.
It is about a sea turtle called Tortuga, who has to deal with dramatic problems.
Tortuga’s life has different phases, each with their specific problems.
Shockingly, her greatest natural enemy is human.
Plastic waste, ghostnets and fishhooks together make it very difficult for Tortuga to survive.
She is persistent and shows her urge to survive in the fight against all the obstacles she encounters.


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€ 10.000 - Making the movie 
€ 15.000 - Making the movie and education workshop for schoolkids on Curaçao about sea turtles.
€ 20.000 - Making the movie and education for schoolkids on Curaçao about sea turtles, 10% of this goes to a beach clean up, organized by team Tortuga.


Making a wildlife film abroad costs a lot of money. All the money that we
raise through crowdfunding and other channels goes directly to the production of the film and promoting awareness through education.
We do not pay ourselves anything on wages, but we are faced with high costs such as flight tickets, film permits, hotel stays & of course we also have to eat.




Fairtrade, organic cotton TORTUGA bag
Artwork by Jamey Brand



By supporting this project you not only contribute to a beautiful wildlife film, you also support the sea turtles because they are brought to the attention of the viewer. With this we hope to make people aware of the problems and that they take action. Your gift can be large or small, any amount is welcome.

Quote that inspired the maker

If we save our wild places, we will ultimately save ourselves.
Steve Irwin
This project was closed on 07-08-2019

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