Lone Soldier

Lone Soldier
A Documentary by Rutger en Shany
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LOCKLINERebecca tries to achieve her goal to become a Lone Soldier in the army of Israel. What motivates her to fight in a foreign country, in the front line?

The documentary Lone Soldier tells the story about the nineteen-year old Rebecca: a Jewish Dutch girl who decides to exchange the safe city of The Hague for the army of Israel (IDF). Rebecca leaves, for a place where she doesn't know anyone, to fight for a country where she has barely been. What motivates her to serve at the front line of a foreign country and fight for a better Israel, for this and the next generation?

Every year thousands of people from all over the world leave for Israel to become part of the Israeli army: Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These people are called 'Lone Soldiers'. Currently, little is known about the Lone Soldiers group, this is mainly because the Israeli army brings out little information. With this documentary we do not only want to tell the story of Rebecca, but also that of thousands of other people who make the same decision every year.

During the documentary we follow Rebecca through the process of preparing for the army and developing into a true soldier. Since February 2018, we have been planning and producing our documentary. We went to Israel from the 25th until the 29th of October 2018 to explore Israël for the first time and film some early footage. Here we get the first impression of the kibbutz where Rebecca lives at that moment.


Afterwards, from March 14 to April 15, we made a journey through Israel to capture and understand Rebecca's story. For example, we filmed her in kibbutz Sa'ad, in Be'er Sheva, and we were able to make some truly exceptional images of her private army base deep in southern Israel.

Unfortunately, we cannot independently finance the production of this special documentary all by ourselves and we would appreciate your help. With a small contribution you can already help us to realise this documentary and ofcourse that means a lot to us.
We are nearly graduated students of journalism and because of this we have to work with a limited budget and are not eligible for the usual film funds. We aim to take the documentary to a professional level, and to achieve this we need talented people who can help us. We are searching for color correctors, sound engineers and editors who can devote their time and attention to completing this documentary. Moreover, we would love to share the documetary with as many people as possible. Therefore, we want to show 'Lone Soldier' in as many film festivals as possible, like the ones in Cape Town and New York, and we would like to use your donation for this purpose.

Do you think that Rebecca's story, and that of a thousand other people, should be told? If you think so, you can support us via this crowdfunding page. Every contribution is more than welcome. On the right side of this page, we have placed rewards to thank you for your time to read this, your help and of course your donation

Contact: documentairelonesoldier@gmail.com

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Quote that inspired the maker

"It is the most selfish, but best decision I have ever made in my life"
Rebecca over het verhuizen naar Israël
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