A Documentary by Nina Stefanovski en Ayla Çağlayan
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ELYSIUM is about the psychedelic subculture in Serbia. This post-war generation fights the system. They are not satisfied with the current politics and culture in Serbia. They found a way to deal with this: they created another reality for themselves. It is an escape from reality where freedom, psytrance music and nature are leading.


It is safe to say that in the Netherlands, we experience freedom and we can not even think about the fact that we can not be the person we want to be. Can you imagine walking on the streets in the clothes you love, but people looking at you like you came from another planet? Or if you act in a different way than the rest, people will say that you are a drugaddict? I do not think so. Unfortanetly, in Serbia this is happening. People are disgusted by the psytrance scene and think these people are drugaddicts. It is like the other way around, the psytrance scene stands for love and respect to other people. They think it is important to respect everyone, no matter what. With our documentary ELYSIUM, we want to show you how the psytrance scene in Serbia deals with the negative thoughts and how they live their live, how they created another reality for themselves. We want to show you their reality.


Psychedelic trance or psytrance for short is a style of music that originated from the party scene in a hippie place of pilgrimage in the mid-90s. With an urge to innovate, many variations have varied over the years, ranging from warm atmospheric productions to fast and hard styles.

Almost all psychedelic trance productions are released on CD. Seasoned psytrance DJs rarely or never play with vinyl turntables, including one of the main characters in the documentary: Stefan Stefanovski, better known as Tesla Principle.

Psychedelic trance is closely linked to the Psychedelic Chillout movement. No party or festival is complete without a second 'area' where downtempo and mostly ethnically oriented styles are represented, this also happens during the Elysium Island Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia.


We have been working on this documentary for four months now. In March we went to Serbia for two weeks to follow the lives of our main characters. We want our documentary to look perfect, but there are some things we just can not do on our own. Unfortanetly, these things are not for free. So, we need your help!

The amount of money will be spent on color correction, audio correction, a graphic designer and a final editor. Ofcourse we also want to show the documentary to the rest of the world, so we will also use the money for different filmfestivals all over the world.

Will you support us to realize our documentary? We are very happy with every amount of money and want to give you something back for your donation. And maybe we will see you at the Elysium Island Festival in Novi Sad this summer!


Mail: elysiumdocumentary@gmail.com

Instagram: elysiumdocumentary

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Quote that inspired the maker

''The possibility to enter your own world needs to exist, it's like an escape from all the things you experience in real life."
- Tamara Stefanovski, character in ELYSIUM
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