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LOCKLINEA girl finds out that she has a match on a dating app with a guy despite never liking him. She starts to fear that the guy is dangerously close to her


Have you ever used a dating app? Don't lie. If your answer is no, your loved ones probably have. These apps give you the control over who you let into your life, just by swiping left or right. What if you lose this control? 

On her way home from school, Lisa is swiping on her dating app, when all of a sudden she has a match with a creepy looking stranger. Eventhough she never liked him in the first place. When she is on the subway, she finds out that the stranger uploaded a new picture of himself; also riding the subway. Is this a coincindence or is the stranger slowly getting closer and closer?



Swipe is going to be a scary short film, dealing with subject matter that is a little too close for comfort. A majority of women experience harassment in their lives. And eventhough it is getting a lot of media attention, women still don't feel safe. Especially online, where the perpatrayors can stay anonymous while stalking their prey. 



The best examples of horror films have always been about social issues. Whether it's racism (Get Out), bullying (Carrie) or sexual assault (Rosemary's Baby). Because isn't a nightmare much scarier when you feel it isn't too far off from reality? With Swipe we want to give the viewer a chilling reminder of real threats people face every single day.



The location of a film is an essential way of emphasizing the core themes of the story, while also transporting the viewer to an unique world. That's why we decided to shoot this film here in New York, where it is easy to be overwhelmed by the millions of people. Urban isolation is a big problem. And eventhough New York is a lot safer, it can still be a scary place. Especially when you're a woman walking the streets alone at night. 



We'll be working with a talented American cast and crew, who have worked on well known productions. We are extremely excited about this ambitious film. But because we are this ambitious, we need your help to get this movie up and running. We already have the Dutch broadcaster on board BNNVARA and 3LAB as a supporter. Now all we need is your support, because we'll get their funding after succesfully finishing this crowdfunding campaign. Help us tell this important story. And we'll see you at the premiere. If you dare to come that is. 

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Quote that inspired the maker

A man's greatest fear from a woman is she will laugh at him, a woman's fear is that a man will kill her.
Margaret Drabble
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