Musical Medicine

Musical Medicine
A Documentary by Daniël Albers en Tess van Doorn
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LOCKLINEA documentary about two violinists who are working on a special project to show the meaning of music for people on the Intensive Care.


In the documentary we follow the two violinists Suzanne Groot and Maria Eldering. Together they play as the Haarlem Violin Diva's at special locations in the country. Last year they were approached by Lorette Gijsbers from FCIC to work on a project called MuzIC. The main goal of this project is to increase the humanization of the intensive care unit by offering live music on a structural basis, thus reducing the negative consequences of intensive care intake for the patient and his / her family.


The documentary tells the special story of Suzanne, but also deals substantively with the aftermath of lying on the Intensive Care and whether music can change this experience.

Post intensive Care Syndroom

The Intensive Care contains people who are in a life-threatening condition. Every day people do their best to make these patients better again. But the ICU has a very big impact on these patients, also in the years after their time at the IC.

Post Intensive Care Syndrom (PICS) is a condition recognized since 2012. anually 80% of the 80,000 patients who are in the Intensice Care survive. 30 to 50% of these patients will experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety or insomnia after this hospitalization. The complaints are often not recognized. 


The documentary is made for the minor Campusdoc  at the Hogeschool Utrecht. A group of motivated students will have the opportunity to make their own documentary under the guidance of renowned filmmakers and journalists. For this it is important to tell a story that is close to ourselves.

We both have a musical background. Like everyone else, we are sometimes carried away by a beautiful piece of music. But only after seeing ourselfes for how an ICU is, and what music does in such a special environment, we were convinced: People need to know this! The impact on the patients, the family and the staff in the ICU can not be described with words. We would like to this, and in this way contribute our part to the success of this project.

Beiden hebben wij een muzikale achtergrond. Net zoals iedereen zijn wij wel eens meegesleept door een prachtig muziekstuk. Maar pas na zelf te zien hoe een IC is en wat muziek in zo'n speciale omgeving doet, waren we overtuigd: Dit moeten zo veel mogelijk mensen weten. De impact op de patiënten, de famillie en het personeel op de IC is niet met woorden te omschrijven. Wij willen het dan ook graag laten zien, en op die manier ons steentje bijdragen aan het slagen van dit project.


As a freelance filmmaker and a journalist we have a good basis to tell this story. As an addition, we would like to hire experts in the field of composing and color correction. With a fresh perspective, these experts can help us to tell the story as good as possible. We can also cover the costs of material rental and travel costs. In addition, we want to show the story at different festivals and at different organizations.


Quote that inspired the maker

On the podium you want to get applause. But in here, to see the people's reaction - that is the best applause you can get.
Maria Eldering
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