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Thick Ice
A Documentary by Iris Timmer & Emma Thies
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe documentary Thick Ice focuses on the life of skeleton athlete Kimberley Bos. A film about speed and succes, by Emma Thies en Iris Timmer.


In the documentary ‘Thick Ice’ (release date Jan. 2019) we will follow Kimberley Bos while she is chasing her dream of becoming the best skeleton athlete in the world. Since the sport is not huge in the Netherlands, Kimberley has always worked really hard to be able to realize her own dreams, and that is exactly what she is still doing. Together with her coach Kristan Bromley, Kimberley is fighting to be faster, improving her times and making steps towards being the best skeletoni in the world. Therefore, ‘Thick Ice’ will focus on speed and success within the tracks of such an extraordinary sport.

Kimberley is a professional skeleton athlete. Skeleton is a solo winter sliding sport that is somewhat similar to bobsleigh and luge. A race includes a running start, after which athletes launch themselves onto their sleds, lying face down. What follows is a frozen track that is usually around 1400 metres long and includes between 13 until 20 curves.

Last year, Kimberley Bos was the first Dutch skeleton athlete that managed to qualify herself for the Olympic Wintergames (Pyeongchang). Skeleton is getting more and more known in the Netherlands, but the sport isn’t as big as it is in the USA, Germany, Canada or the UK. Kimberley won two gold medals at the Intercontinental Cup (2017), is the current Dutch champion, got a third place in the World Cup in South-Korea in 2017 and is currently on the 14th position in the world ranking.




For this project we need €2200 to make it happen. Every euro more will be spend on promotion materials, and we would love to hire a professional editor to make the film even better. Music has to be made, colors need to be corrected and we would love to go to Germany to see and film Kimberley while she is training there. Do you think you could help us? Be a part of our project and follow us on social media!

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Quote that inspired the maker

'I have a dream, and that's being the best skeleton athlete in the world.'
Kimberley Bos