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LOCKLINEThe feeling of love for a Dutch colleague, creates doubt for the young Moroccan woman Minah. She reflects on her life, faith and choices.

The Story

MINAH - tells the story about a young, married maroccan woman. Her life has always been laid out for her, she has her job, her faith, and her marriage. She is a quiet, intelligent woman who makes all her choices in a well considered way. At least, thats how she used to see herself, until she fall in love with a new colleague, Thomas.

Her meeting with the Dutch Thomas brings new insights and habits into her life. She begins to wonder if she's happy with her current situation. At the same time there is the stability and trust of her known environment. 

Minah starts to look at herself differently, another road is revealed, but what are the consequences?  

Soon Minah is in love. Doubts and unhappiness start to take the upperhand, it makes her insecure and she tries to find a new balance in her life. But soon she'll have to decide when it Thomas is about to leave...

How it started

The story mostly comes from own experiences. During my studentjob at a callcenter I also knew a 'Minah'. We got to know each other and soon we had a good connection. Several interesting conversations followed about faith, our backgrounds and habits. Soon after this meeting I realised this woman was inspiring me to create a filmcharacter. Someone with many facets, not possible to just express in words.

The story emerged from a mix of real experiences and fiction.


Minah ends up in a dilemma thats recognisable in many ways, she has to make a choice that's connected to a lot of risks. Does she make the rational, safe choice, which makes her stay in the same situation. Or does she choose the passionate, risky side with possible irreversible consequences?

Hidden in her character is a story about forbidden love, impossible choices and passion.


In all of this I saw a connection to other lovestories. Romeo & Julia, films like 'Moonlight', 'Remains Of The Day' & 'Tokyo Story', all of them personal stories about characters who have to answer life's questions about love, faithfulness, passion and conflict. These stories mostly take place in different times, other countries or special circumstances. The beautiful thing about Minah's story is that it can take place in our time, in any current worldcity. It could happen to me or you...

why this film?

The combination of such a versitile character and the position of the story in our society make this into a very rich and interesting whole. With the movie I hope to tell a story that can touch the heart of people in different ways and possible make them think about their own life.

It's something that makes my imagination run wild, and in which I hope to find a good balance between fiction and reality. The subjectmatter of making choices is fascinating to me, and offers a lot of possibilities as a filmmaker. We all have to deal with such choices every day, this can be at your work, in your faith, with your partner, anywhere. Every single time that we decide which way we go, we make a choice like that. And sometimes, to make a choice beyond the set boundaries, takes a lot of courage, strong character and willpower. At the same moment it also something that connects us all. Everyone would like to follow their own path, and we all encountered moments where this wasn't easy. Actually we are struggeling with this our entire lives. Sometimes we don't know which choice is right, and is there even such a thing as 'the right path'? Or do we makes it all a lot more difficult with our connections, believes and cultures? 

I will not be able to answer all these questions in my film, but none the less it provides a lot of interesting material to tell Minah's story. This story has to see the light of day, and I can't wait to put it on film!

what is needed?

To make this story into a film, I will coöperate with a team of knowledgeable and creative people. During my study at the filmacademy RITCS in Brussels I have build a network among my fellow students. Everyone is specialized in his or her department, lighting, camera, sound and production. Besides that we will be working with profesional actors who are going to bring these characters to life. 

A fictional movie asks for a well guarded set, a quiet workspace with the right equipment. To put everything properly detailed on film, with the right camera movements, lights, music and acting, we made estimated a budget. We came to a total of 7.500 euro to make this short film.


With your support we can make this film!

With your help we can bring this story from script, to storyboard, to the moviescreen. We are very delighted to have the support of Cinecrowd and Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam. Together with hard labor, support form our colleagues and this crowfunding we hope to gather this sum of money!

When we succeed, the short film will be shown, amongst other places, at the Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam 2018. We hope to see you all there!

Quote that inspired the maker

You wanted to know the other narrative. - Because you were up to here, with the narrative that was fed to you, by all the culture that you were living in.
Willem Dafoe (on his childhood)
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