We Run To Be Free

We Run To Be Free
A Short film by Sara van Oostrum
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LOCKLINEBEAUTIFUL … a carefree state of mind for the young, wild and free. But once you're out... it's never the same.

Beautiful… a carefree state of mind for the young, wild and free. 

This is the state of mind that Eva and her friends find themselves in. Together they are ‘The Beauties’. The girls that can afford to do anything,  thinking that they are truly untouchable to the struggles of the world. The Beauties don’t need anything but each other: boys are just there for fun and love is a notion that they have left behind.   

However, the world of the beauties is an escape, an illusion that slowly loses its  beauty for Eva. But once out of Beautiful…, nothing is ever the same. 

"We Run To Be Free’ is a story of the first steps  toward adulthood; about how Eva continues to escape from her own actions and grief through a facade.

 “We run to be free from pain, from reality. It works. By running, and finding yourself in the BEAUTIFUL state of mind, you are able to be free… Until you see what you really didn’t want to see…Still you keep running, thinking that if you just run fast enough, it will disappear; however… the faster you run, the bigger the pain gets. You become destructive, desperately holding on to the illusion… until it starts to fall apart and you slowly realize that there is no way out, that you never actually left behind the pain, but carried it with you all along."

My desire as a filmmaker is to visualize the human experience. I like to base my stories on my own experiences in the hope to shed light on our inner world.

With ‘We Run To Be Free’ I want to explore adolescent struggles of friendship and self-worth and make them relatable. I want to make a film about Eva’s experience, in which she is searching for her own truth and in which she is torn between how she sees herself and who she thinks she needs to be to those around her.

I want to do this by visually staying as close as I can to Eva’s experience of her teenage life. Dialogue will be minimal and will mostly take place in the off-screen auditory landscape of the film; a sort of gossip that conveys the impertinence of her surroundings. 

With ‘We Run To Be Free’ I want to portray the complexity of adolescence and explore how we as people make the transition from child to adulthood . 

There are a lot of elements that go into making a film like this come to life and showcasing Eva’s story as honestly as possible. In order to make this film, we aim to raise at least 3,500 Euros, and for that we need your help!

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