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Almost Free
A Documentary by Merel Driessen & Anne Slegten
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LOCKLINEHow's life when your four years out of jail but you've never felt completely free? A documentary about Cliff and his life as an ex-prisoner.

Almost fifty per cent of the ex-prisoners in the Netherlands get back in jail. The Dutch government wants to lower this high percentage. But how's the life of the other fifty per cent who succeeded to get back in society?

Life changing

In this documentary we, Anne Slegten en Merel Driessen tell the story of Cliff. He had sat in jail for nine months because of a fight. Four years ago he came out of jail, but still he doesn't completely feel free. Our documentary is about a man who has changed his life because of his months in jail. 


About a year ago we came to know about the problem in the Netherlands that so much ex-prisoners get back in jail. We thought it was an interessenting issue. As soon as we found out about this problem, we also saw that the reintegration in society for ex-prisoners is not as easy as we thought it was. With 'Almost Free' we are not only telling te story of Cliff, but also from a lot of other ex-prisoners. When they come out of jail and want a job, they need a Declaration of Good Behaviour. The average wait for this Declarition is four years. 

We think it's time that this story is going to be told from the perspective of an ex-prisoner himself who's trying hard to stay on the right side. 


To make this idea to a beautifull documentary, we could use some help. Fortunately, we have our own film equipment. But to make all these raw footage to this beautifull documentary, we need money. For example we need a sounddesigner to make the audio perfect. With color grading we want to create a certain atmosphere. And of course we can't miss some music in our documentary! 

So, do you also think it's time that the story of an ex-prisoner is going to be told? Support us then! And we hope to see you at the premiere on the 16th of june 2018 in the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht! 


Quote that inspired the maker

This documentary is the last thing I will do what has to do with my past in prison. After this documentary I will finally feel free.
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