Verslaafd aan God

Addicted to God
A Documentary by Rachel van Luijn & Romi Hootsmans
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About the project
LOCKLINEBack in the day, 400 dollars a day was needed to get his heroine, now he only needs God. A documentary about changes, love and a dream.


The story of Rob and Maudi de Boer starts when they are 16 years of age. They were each others first great loves. But because of Rob’s heroine addiction, the relationship ended. Theft was the one thing Rob did to fund his addiction. He even threatened a dealer and a taxi driver which eventually led to a prison sentence. 

Maudi left the Netherlands for Greece and fell in love with a Greek. But when she got pregnant he decided he did not want the baby. After a forced abortion Maudi went back to the Netherlands. As she tried to get her life back in order she got help from someone she did not expect to help her. And God did not let her go after that. 

Because of Maudi, even Rob found his way to God en eventually his way back to Maudi. At this moment they are both the pastors of the MCI Church in Utrecht. They run the rented church together with their children. But they still have one dream: to buy their own church. 

Will they make their dream come true?


To tell this story, we need money. A great part of the overall production will be put forward by ourselves. But that is not enough. For example, we need to hire a sound engineer and a color corrector. We also need to pay filmfestival fees and a musician to feature in the film. 

One of the film festivals, in which our film is participating, is the CampusDoc Filmfestival at the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht. And that is partly because of your donations. 

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Quote that inspired the maker

Some people will say that I traded one addiction for another.
Rob de Boer