De Veteraan

The Veteran
A Documentary by Layla Hesseling & Marloes Kamer
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About the project
LOCKLINEMilitary missions, job changes and green-painted faces are the daily reality of officer Rémon de Bruin. A documentary about the Dutch army.

The Veteran: Shortly after his graduation, military officer Rémon de Bruin (27) went on his first mission in Mali. The life of an officer on mission was completely new for him, but he felt right at home. The patrols in the dusty deserts of Gao, gave him enough time to think about his career, his life at home and his future.

When he got home, he had to fill in a different and more respected work position. During that confirming phone call, his entire career planning was thrown overboard. Rémon is now getting settled at a new military base in The Netherlands, with a new work position and different colleagues. It's only two months after his mission in Mali, but Rémon has already started a new chapter.

The Veteran is a documentary about the rapid changes in the life of a military officer.

Our motivation

We, as the makers of this production, have always had a fascination with the Dutch army. Especially the motivation of the soldiers kept us intrigued. Why would you put your life on the line, every single day? What is a soldiers point-of-view on the dilemma of fighting violence with violence? And how should someone go through the rollercoaster of missions, trainings and changes in work positions?

Our main character Rémon does not have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and he has not been with the army for fourty years, but as a Mali-veteran he can perfectly illustrate how a down-to-earth officer deals with the whirlwind of career-changes within the Dutch army.


But, producing a documentary costs loads of money! So the money we collect through crowdfunding will be extremely well-spent.To make our documentary just as amazing as the story that Rémon has to tell, we will be using the talents of a composer, a colour corrector and a sound designer. We will also use the money to pay for travel expenses and the rent of technical equipment. Also, we will be able to pay for the registration fees of film festivals all over the world.

With a donation of 15 euros we can take the train to Rémon. But with a donation of fifty euros we can rent a car and take all the camera equipment with us. And with a few donations of one hundred euros we can hire a professional who takes care of the finishing touch. Every donated penny will be invested in this production! And what happens when we exceed our target amount? That would get us into more film festivals in Holland (and abroad!). We would also get to spend more money on post-production, which would make the documentary even better.

Our social media channels will keep you up-to-date on our progress. We will also give you a peek behind the scenes! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Quote that inspired the maker

I'm not afraid to show what I got.
Rémon de Bruin
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