(Red Heart, Blank Face)

(Red Heart, Blank Face)
A Feature film by Samuel Sheffield
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About the project
LOCKLINE(Red Heart, Blank Face) is a love story for the millennial generation. Follow 16 characters as they search for love in this modern tech world.


THE (Red Heart, Blank Face) TEAM

The (Red Heart, Blank Face) team showcases the diversity of the Amsterdam arts scene. We have established a strong and talented team of passionate, committed creatives. We are an eclectic international mix and we love making films. The team is made up of an Australian and Dutch crew as well as an international cast of Amsterdam’s emerging talent. We are from all over the world but have found ourselves in Amsterdam, brought together by a love of filmmaking.

Our cast and crew love great stories and love great films. We are all dedicated to producing a piece of work that pushes us all creatively.


THE (Red Heart, Blank Face) BUDGET

We will be making this film on a very low budget. We don’t believe that the budget forecasts the quality of the finished film. We have met many creative people who have been able to produce moving works of art with little to no money.

Our outlined low budgets have been meticulously thought out so we do not waste a cent and our collective creativity is pushed to produce a film that matches our vision. We know making a feature film on such a low budget has its risks and restraints, but we believe grit, passion and talent makes good art, not money. We are lucky to have formed a cast and crew who share a similar belief and we are so excited to show you what we can do.



We know to make this film happen we will be relying on the generosity of a lot of people and we want to show our gratitude and give back in the best possible way. We have partnered up with Amsterdam based charity, The Rainbow Group.



We will be using our project to raise money and increase awareness for The Rainbow Group throughout production and post-production. In 2018, (Red Heart, Blank Face) will premiere at an Amsterdam cinema and this screening will double as a charity event for The Rainbow Group – we hope to see you there.



Making a feature film is hard work. But it’s also a TON of fun. There is a huge amount of work that goes into making a feature film before filming even starts and as an audience, you usually don’t get to see this side of the process. We wanted to capture this process for our audience – the highs, the lows and all the silliness in between. We started making the (Red Heart, Blank Face) Production Diaries – Kat & Sam Make a Film.

We will continue to produce Kat & Sam Make a Film during the making of (Red Heart, Blank Face). We want to share our filmmaking journey with you, show you our progress and give you regular updates so you can see how your donation is helping create (Red Heart, Blank Face).


WHY SHOULD (Red Heart, Blank Face) BE MADE NOW?

The modern-day search for love is dramatically different to those of past generations. The long-term effects of smartphones and dating applications on society are frequently debated in the media and the focus of public intrigue. However, this is unexplored territory in feature films and something we want to explore.

Each of the main characters in (Red Heart, Blank Face) represent a stereotype of the millennial generation. What happens when these personalities are connected by dating applications? We want to create a contemporary love film that gives you insight to how smartphones are shaping the love lives of the millennial generation.


YOUR SUPPORT FOR (Red Heart, Blank Face) 

We have the story, we have the crew, we have the schedule and we have the talent. Now we just need your support to make (Red Heart, Blank Face).

By supporting (Red Heart, Blank Face) you are investing in the Amsterdam independent filmmaking scene. We have already dedicated hours of our lives to this project and we have no intention of slowing down. You will be supporting Amsterdam's emerging talent with a unique, multilingual project that endorses the opportunities within Amsterdam’s independent filmmaking scene. With your help, we promise to make a film for you to enjoy – (Red Heart, Blank Face).



Quote that inspired the maker

My aim for this film is to create a piece of cinema that nobody has seen before, which speaks to this new generation of young people. I want to create a film that gives the audience the experience of being single today. Our aim is to have the viewers feel all the angst, joy and bitter sweetness of finding true love via an app.
Samuel Sheffield
This project was closed on 22-02-2018

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