A Short film by Pascal Benjamins
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LOCKLINEThere are stories which have to be told, but also stories that not want to be told. This is the story of Tom.


Bakra, made by the new generation filmmakers. A part of the crew will use this film for admission to De Nederlandse Filmacademie.

Tom is a Surinam boy adopted by his two fathers Dirk-Jan and Bo. When Tom is about six years old, his parents brought him the big news and told him he is adopted. Tom doesn't mind. His surroundings and friends aren't questioning his situation. 

When Tom and his surroundings are getting older, they're starting to understand adoption and the need to ask more questions about it is suddenly there. Tom doesn't want to explain his home-situation over and over again. The variety of responses are working on Tom his nerves. He feels uncomprehended, people make the situation more piteous than Tom feels like. Suddenly there's someone who responds completely different.

With our message, we hope to achieve our target amount. We will invest the yield to finance our camera/light equipment, catering and design. 

Making a movie is something you have to do together, we need your help!



Quote that inspired the maker

Same story, different pen