't Is goed zo

It's allright like this
A Documentary by Jesse van Venrooij
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINEEelco choses death by legal euthanasia. A film about his mission, breaking the taboos, but also about intense fellowship and farewell

The concept

The last moments of a man with mental unbearable and hopeless suffering. He is tired of life and choses death, by legal euthanasia. What do those moments look like?
It was Eelco’s wish to record the last stage of his life but also to show the world how his bereaved deal with his death afterwards. His mission: to bring mental suffering and death as a solution into the open in our society. A heavy social mission, but the result is mostly an intimate film about friendship and letting go.
Eelco was a man who looked very confident in front of the media, but at the same time, had a hard time letting go of his loved ones, amongst others, his best friend.

Introduction & motivation

My name is Jesse van Venrooij (1985). Since 2012 I have been commissioned for films, documentaries and portraits. Before that I have been working as a social worker, and I still do. Two days a week I work for a welfare organisation in Tilburg. The rest of my time I spend on beautiful and extraordinary stories that need to be told and seen, often stories about ‘the other side’. Most of the time, I focus on a social and/or underexposed theme by showing people’s lives concerning this theme without judgement. My passion for film and interest in people come together in my company FilmMoment.

This is the last picture of Eelco taken, less than an hour before his euthanasia. I see a happy man. Five years ago I met Eelco at a project called BroedplaatsZ, in which people that needed care started blogging and using Twitter in order to show what their lives looked like. Eelco was one of the three people whom I made a small documentary about. Death was a much-discussed subject and for Eelco it had been his whole life. Last year he knew for sure that it was his time to die. He did not want to commit suicide, he wanted it the ‘legal way’. Because Eelco had been trying to tackle the stigma concerning mental suffering for a very long time, he wanted his last stage to be recorded. And so he asked me to tell a beautiful and honest story about his last mission. Because I knew him and supported him, I decided to do so, with dignity and respect. Of course, I do that with my own vision, style and input as a film maker. I believe that as a society we need to be broad-minded and nuanced on euthanasia. With this work I hope to contribute to that idea. Telling a personal, but also relevant story, without judgement, is my mission. And together with Eelco’s request it is my motivation for making this film: to show the other side.


Why crowd funding?

So far, the production has been a “one-man-army”. I wanted to execute Eelco’s request without any involvement of other parties, without any financing. I wanted to work on it just by myself, at my own speed. All the filming, therefore, is my own investment in his last mission.

Now that everything has been filmed, I want the documentary to be completed the best way possible. I want to involve the right people for the post production (f.e. content, music, finishing process of images and sound, etc.) Therefore, obviously, money is needed. Part of that sum I hope to raise via this campaign. Apart from its financial impact, I also believe that crowdfunding is important for building support and creating a wider range. This will hopefully result in a bigger platform for Eelco’s mission and my mission, to show the other side. Will you help me? I will be very grateful for all contributions. Please also share this campaign within your own network.

Quote that inspired the maker

When life does not bring joy, why would I prevent him from death, if that is what does bring him satisfaction?
Monique, moeder van Eelco
This project was successfully funded on 23-11-2017

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