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LOCKLINELiving out of plastic bags, sleeping on the streets..having germophobia: Eduard and Rebekka.


In the coming period, I want to tell you the story of Eduard and Rebekka. I addressed them half a year ago and posted the following:

"Hello World..
These are Eduard and Rebekka - with a "k" because she prefers it over "c".

Eduard and Rebekka have been together for over 20 years, but they've been homeless for the same amount of time. You will undoubtedly have passed them in town (if you live in Almere) ... just like me. In the town hall, the Media Markt, Dirk van den Broek, the library or food passage. They walk the same route every day and end every evening in the same environment: the streets of Almere.

Today, I didn't pass by Eduard and Rebekka. I decided to do the opposite and walked towards them. They are very sweet and grateful people. Rebekka is the caring of the two, with her toothbrush well-tucked and hygienic wipes carefully tucked into a zip-lock bag. Eduard is the clever and artistic one of the two. He aspires to make beautiful things again.

Hello World...
These are Eduard and Rebekka, if I hadn't told you they were homeless you would think they were just shopping in their easy outfit.
(...) "


This couple has fascinated me so much that I can not keep their story to myself. I would like to share it with the world and tell everyone my message: every person is special. Everyone has a story, but often we keep distance between eachother and do not search for that personal core. Sometimes things can get pretty interesting if you just show some interest and ask questions. That's exactly what I did with Eduard and Rebekka, and I can tell, it's certain they're special. I

recently told them that I was working on this project and they were very excited and wanted to cooperate. Before the start I got the chance to interview them and they've told me alot about their lifes. As the conversation progressed, I'm got even more and more convinced that I had to share the story of Eduard and Rebekka with you and the rest of the world!


With this crowdfunding I want to follow Eduard and Rebekka for a month with a professional camera crew. I am curious about their lifestyle and their relationship to each other. Life on the streets is certainly not easy and sometimes it can cause friction in a relationship between two people. And how about the fact that Rebekka's had germophobia?..

Together with your help, I can finance this movie and make it a true documentary.


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.


Quote that inspired the maker

"Eduard and Rebekka will certainly be an intriguing story (...) I didn't expect them to have such remarkable stories!"
Sherazade Fritze - Regisseur
This project was successfully funded on 13-08-2017

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