Xangadix Lives!

Xangadix Lives!
A Documentary by Bram Roza & Yfke van Berckelaer
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About the project
LOCKLINE25 years after the release of The Johnsons we look back on the bizarre circumstances that led to the creation of this cult phenomenon.

1992. I was eight years old. My babysitter had just put me and my brothers to bed and was now watching a movie downstairs. The three of us snuck out of our rooms, crept down the stairs and hid behind the couch so we could secretly watch along. She was watching THE JOHNSONS. It was my first ever horror movie. It started a lifetime passion for horror films. And for THE JOHNSONS.

It’s been exactly 25 years since THE JOHNSONS was first released and to commemorate this we set out to make a documentary on how the movie got made in the first place. I’d heard rumors about its weird history and I wanted to investigate if there was any truth to these. And so our journey began. We have now interviewed almost the entire original cast and crew of THE JOHNSONS and we can safely say that its history is even more bizarre than we could have imagined!

XANGADIX LIVES! is a documentary by and for horror fans, that tells the story of the creation of a cult classic (and a little monster called Xangadix). We really hope you’ll like watching it as much as we enjoy making it!



In celebration of the 25th birthday of THE JOHNSONS we will be organizing a special anniversary screening of the film on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 during the Rotterdamned Film Festival. Cast and crew will of course be in attendance. This will also be the premiere of XANGADIX LIVES!

But that’s not all. On November 13 there will be a screening in Amsterdam, featuring the same double bill of XANGADIX LIVES! and THE JOHNSONS, also with cast and crew in attendance.

On top of that, we’re organizing an exhibition on THE JOHNSONS which will be held during both screenings. It will showcase original scripts, artwork and props, including Xangadix himself!

But in order to make this all happen, and to be able to properly finish the film, we need some help. Hence this campaign. 


Why we need your help

We managed to shoot all of XANGADIX LIVES!  but now we have reached the point where expenses will have to be made in order to actually finish the film. So what exactly will we be using these funds for? 

• For expenses related to the the editing, the color grading and the sound mix.
• For the clearance of the clips from the original film and copyrighted materials from various television programs.
• For the digitalization of the aforementioned materials and for creating a DCP in order to screen the documetary.



We did our best to look for rewards that we feel are a must for Johnsons’ fans. Like the book, RUUD DE BRUUT in which first director Ruud van Hemert talks about his experiences on the film. Exclusive set photos signed by Rudolf van den Berg. A very limited edition Xangadix sculpt from Dutch Outcast Collectibles. And even your own NIGHT OF BAD TASTE (NACHT VAN DE WANSMAAK) presented by Mister Horror himself: Jan Doense! By supporting our campaign you will also get the chance to attend the 25th anniversary screening of THE JOHNSONS and the premiere of XANGADIX LIVES!

Please support XANGADIX LIVES!, master of darkness, epitome of evil!


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

People saw it as if I'd sold my soul.
Rudolf van den Berg (director of The Johnsons)
This project was successfully funded on 16-10-2017

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