Scratched Blue Sky

Scratched Blue Sky
A Short film by Cyrus Esfandiari
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LOCKLINEA film about the overwhelming effect that war can have on children, their environment and their future.

Scratched Blue Sky (Synopsis)
An Anti-war short film

This is the story of a 5-year-old girl named FARAH from Syria, who was the witness of her parent's death by a bombardment in Aleppo 4 months ago. Now she stays in a AZC refugee camp in The Netherlands with her 55 years old uncle ZAYAN. He is an educated and experienced man, he is a retired teacher who lost his wife and only son in the war and now takes care of Farah. Farah loved her parents, especially her mother. Losing them affected her life so heavily and it has been all too much to process for such a young girl; she didn’t talk or even cry after that incident and she is in shock .Because of that she got isolated; she doesn’t talk to anybody, mostly stares down to the ground and doesn’t look up, she can’t sleep well, doesn’t like to go out to play with other children and just plays with some pink beads that are so important to her. Her uncle takes her to school but she doesn’t like to stay there. Everyone tries to help her especially the language teacher in school named MARIJE that also works as a volunteer in AZC. She is a kind, smart and lovely woman who loves children but doesn’t have any children herself because she unfortunately couldn't get any. When she meets Zayan to know more about Farah, she gets worried about the little girl and tries to find a solution.

Marije also talks to the child's doctor to know more and the doctor says she's experiencing a psychological shock because of the incident. He says that this case one of the treatments could be getting her into another shock. Then Marije decides to introduce Farah to the volunteer group named DE VROLIJKHEID, whom she works with in The AZC. Here they organize all kinds of fun activities for children in a fun and happy environment, and Marije hopes that connecting her to the other children in this place could help her. But also this doesn’t help Farah. There are some more children also from Syria who witnessed the war and lost their family, but Farah’s problem is more serious and hard to treat.

Finally on a sunny day at school while children are playing, a pink balloon rises up in the sky and Farah follows it by accident. She looks up at sky and starts to scream and cry for the first time after the incident. She experiences her second shock. Marije saw this happening and runs to her and hugs her and hopes this could be a step forward in her treatment. Marije looks up to the sky and realizes that the white stripes of an aircraft in the blue sky were causing Farah's screaming and crying. With a flashback we see the same white stripes, this time the ones that Farah has seen on the day the bombardment killed her parents and she could've been killed too if somebody hadn't found her alive between the bodies.


The idea of this film came when I started working with refugee children in our camp, as a volunteer of Vrolijkheid Almere. It's painful seeing innocent children who are victims of a war over money and power. The beautiful white lines in the sky made me thinking how they would look like in war zones and then I wrote this film.
Making this film is important to me, because it allows me to show how terrible war is and how it influences people's lives especially children, and how they lost everything they ever knew and also their future because of war. I'd like to show this beautiful blue sky that we see every day and we're enjoying, and how horrible it can be on the other side of our world.

A lot of people are dying, losing their homes, their family, their future. The question is: what happens to the survivors?                                                                                              
They are safe now, in other countries like this one, but for some the war didn't end when they fled to safety. The pain and fear of war still follows them, can you imagine how a child survives this?                 

A saved body with a dead soul. This is my film.                         
My colleagues and I need your help to make this film because we need money, and with your donation and support we can make this film and hope that all people, especially children, can live in peace. Under a safe and clear blue sky!

Thanks for your support


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A saved body with a dead soul
Cyrus Esfandiari
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