Moon Children

Moon Children
A Short film by Marlyn Kist de Ruijter
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LOCKLINEThe night falls and the moon is full. In a fairytale-like street live two lonely neighbors, who will get in touch in a magical way.


It's a saturday-night, and everyone seems to do something social. Except for Lucy (18) and Leo (11), two neigbours living opposite of each other. Lucy just got dumped, and can't find a reason to go out anymore. Leo, dreaming of being a great magician, has been sent to bed. At the point they think the night can't possibly get more lonely, they discover each-others existence. Leo challenges Lucy to pick a card. This is the start of a magical game, which will take them further from their worries and closer to their environment. Are they even as alone as they thought they were?


Moon Children is an unconventional lovestory. The characters are mostly focused on what is out of their reach, and are being led by social pressure. They feel isolated because of their insecurities en (self) restrictions. When they're able to let go of these feelings, they will feel more comfortable in the moment. In this way, love and acceptance will grow towards the other characters. This direct interest will create solidarity between them, which leads to happiness. 

The movie will be a spherical and rhythmic whole, where worlds collide and realism and surrealism flow together. The movie will be visually like a modern fairytale, where the ambiance will be the storyteller. The bedrooms of the characters are symbol for the place where they should feel most free, but also for their isolation and fragility in this. By placing different worlds and generations next to each other, in one tiny street, we create solidarity in it's diversity. 


As a director, I'd like to be create consciousness about the subject. Loneliness, and depression as a result of this, is a huge problem nowadays. This doesn't effect one generation, but our entire society. In my eyes, this has a negative effect on our personal happiness and outlook on the world as a whole. It distances us from the 'other' person, whilst the other person is mostly not that different. Our diversity makes a vibrant society, as long as we keep seeking our similarities. 


After pre-production, we're heading to the actual filming days. We already did a lot of hard work. There's a solid film plan, and we collected a great crew of passionated film makers. We're ready to get this plan on camera, but in order to do so we need a few things that will cost money. Even though the crew won't be paid, there will be some costs we can't ignore. We need camera and light equipment, and locations to film all of this. The set needs to be fully dressed, and we need a sound design and great special effects for this fairytale. Everyone will make quite some travel costs to get to the right places, just like the equipment.  And besides that we need to offer the entire crew a warm meal during filming. With your financial support we can realise all of this! And we will be amazingly gratefull for this. 


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Quote that inspired the maker

I never really understood the word loneliness. As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky and the ocean, and with nature.
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