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LOCKLINEA short animation about language in a post-fact world.


Fake news, alternative facts, post-truth politics, tweets and oneliners. Opinion seems to be more valued than fact and reality is often forced into a 140 character black-and-white frame of apparant contradictions.

Will we be able to understand one another and the world without common ground in facts and the connecting forces of nuance and doubt? Or will language lose all meaning under these circumstances?

Like a reporter strikingly said: 'This is what makes covering Donald Trump so very difficult. What does he mean when he says words?' (watch) 



In the short film WORD! I want to explore the interaction between language and reality in a post-fact world. What is the fate of the meaning of words in such a world?
We embark on an expedition to a strange parallel universe guided by quotes about language from different people. The conflicting quotes will be combined with scenes in which their influence on the things that happen and the laws of nature will be visualized. The contradictory opinions threaten the stability of the world and propel the film to an apocalyptic climax.
First sketches of the post-fact world
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I will use a photo collage animation technique I am working with and refining for some time now. It started six years ago with SOUP! (watch) followed by Don's Dream (watch) and Blue Crime - Sun is a Star (watch).


When you make a donation you will become part of the expedition. You can get acces to a secret journal in which discoveries in the new world are recorded. Maybe even collect some artifacts from the new world. And of course you will be the first to see the film when it’s finished!
(graphics may change according to new discoveries in the post-fact world)
Because this project is part of De Ontmoeting, your donation will be doubled by development partner Submarine Channel if we reach our goal of 5000,- euro within 30 days.
Making a film takes a lot of time and money. Because of the way I make my films I can do a lot myself, which cuts the costs considerably. Nonetheless there is rent to be paid, equipment to be bought, posters to be printed and for some aspects like music, sound mixing and making the film ready for screening in cinemas I have to hire the experts. That's why your donations are highly appreciated!


This film will be made in context of De ontmoeting. Read all about it over at www.ditisdeontmoeting.nl
Submarine Channel (click) will support the development of this film.
Remco Vlaanderen (Submarine Channel): 'In our time of soundbytes and 140 character messages, people seem to value opinions more than actual facts. Amos' film Word! is a reflection on language. But if you look deeper, then you'll find that it's also a subtle plea for more nuance in how we express ourselves publicly and on social media. We support this film because of its inherent message, and because we think that Amos is a super talented creator who deserves wider attention.'
Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

'The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.'
Ludwig Wittgenstein
This project was successfully funded on 31-03-2017

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