Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
A Short film by Hero Hemmingsley
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LOCKLINEA terror attack, experienced from the perspective of both the perpetrator and the victim, in one long shot.


The film starts in the apartment of the perpetrator, busy with the last preparations of his terrorist attack, followed by a short car ride to the entrance of a nightclub. A young man standing in line asks the perpetrator for a light, after which the perspective suddenly shifts and the camera follows this young man into the club, leaving the perpetrator behind. 


After each recent terrorist attack, I was in shock for days. I could not comprehend the hideous phenomenon called 'terrorism'. The media coverage fed my obsession and I was fascinated by the story behind the perpetrators. How could people do such things to each other? But the elaborate, sensationalist reporting in my view only resulted in a distorted representation of reality.

In LONE WOLF I want to explore the reality of terrorist attacks from the perspective of both the perpetrator ànd the victim. By bringing these two into contact with each other as individuals, I hope to evoke a moment of human recognition between the two, without emphasizing and losing ourselves in the motivations of the terrorist.

We're aiming at a visceral and realistic viewing experience contrasting two worlds, two realities. Love against hate, participation versus exclusion, trust versus fear. With this movie we want to emphasize the horror of terrorism from both points of view.


LONE WOLF will be shot in one long take. As a result the viewer will be sucked into the moment and perspective of the main characters, and won't get the chance to look away. Because there will be no cut at the instant of the character switch, the spectator will find himself in a real time experience from the start. Both characters live in the same world and in the same time frame, yet their awareness of that moment is radically different.

The movie will grab you by the throat from the first second... and not let go.



To us, this film, in this time frame, is essential. Your contribution therefore is essential. With you’re support we'll be able to successfully realize our graduation film. Thank you so much!

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Quote that inspired the maker

"I don't feel angry, I don't feel hatred, I just feel sad. Sadness for everybody there, whether they were the one shooting or the people who were shot. There's no point in being angry, it's done."
Terror Attack Survivor
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