Uit de Tijd

Uit de Tijd
A Short film by Coen van Beek
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LOCKLINEDue to his advancing alzheimer Henk is losing more and more of his personality. At the same time a black hole is forming on the wall of his room.

Henk, an 85-year-old man, lives in a place where it constantly rains outside. Henk is writing a letter to his son, who lives abroad.
He senses that his Alzheimer is progressing when he suddenly can’t finish a sentence. Henk struggles with a returning memory that he can not hold on to.

The nurse Layla, comes by everyday to help him with his medication and daily routine. But when the Alzheimer continues to get worse, Henk can do less and less, which results in him losing touch with the outside world and Layla. He becomes lonelier.
His thoughts become erratic and at the same time a black hole emerges on his wall, that slowly gets bigger and bigger.


After the loss of my grandpa. I personally experienced from close by what harm this disease does. A disease that appeals to my imagination but is yet ungraspable. The thought of losing memories seems awful to me, the person that you are disappears. This has become a fascination for me and drives me to tell this story.

Conforming the concept of time and finding out where these lost memories have gone is what I intend to do in this film.
I added the black hole as a way to make the memories more visual and at the same as symbolization for the unknown.


This screenplay represents a story I’ve been wanting to tell for quite some time. I’ve had multiple similar ideas with the same style and atmosphere. I hope that in this film I can finally communicate the right feeling and atmosphere, which I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.

By using a voice over I want the audience to experience Henk’s thoughts. By using this technique, we are involved in everything that Henk thinks of and we are also aware of the declining state of his mind.

The main theme in this story is the loss of one’s personality, it’s important that the ambiance, involved with loss and loneliness can be felt. In my opinion this is a strong, and recognizable feeling which I want to utilize to strengthen the emotional aspect of the story.

This loneliness will be manifested by entering the character’s mind and by losing the awareness of of his surroundings. The nurse will eventually disappear out of Henk’s perception, causing him to lose all contact with the outside world.  

Concept art: Rik van Veldhuizen


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

"In 't Nederlands is iemand dood gegaan, over zijn reis wordt nooit meer iets vernomen. In het Twents is iemand uit de tijd gekomen, dus weet je zeker: hij kwam veilig aan."
Willem Wilmink
This project was successfully funded on 29-03-2017

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