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LOCKLINEShiro tracks down his mother's killer after 25 years. He is unsure whether his plans for revenge will give him peace or honor the memory of his mother

Shiro is the short graduation movie of screenwriter annex director Vincent Plu from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Art Academy) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This movie is a multilingual thriller, inspired and influenced by the enigmatic country of Japan. Suspense and humor are present when needed. A respectable piece of art shall arise from the void. Recorded in Utrecht and in the direct proximity of the city, with the land of the rising sun settled in our minds.  

Shiro is bound to in an inner man-to-man-fight. An internal dilemma. A fight with his own psyche. He has to make a choice. Either destroying everything he appreciates and adores in life, or abandon his revenge forever. Hence, this movie is a true reflection of every individual: do we follow the safety and certainty our brain hands to us, or do we follow our heart without ever knowing what’s in the offing? Our doubts on which road to pick. The consequences of our own choices. The correctness of our own acts. With every new decision we have to make, we are completely secluded from any kind of support. Shiro experiences genuinely vast problems which all of us – to a certain extent – could and should recognize from own experiences.  

‘I’m an individual with lots of troubles concerning the expression of my thoughts and emotions, and I’m someone who has a hard time choosing for himself. I always hide my emotions from others, right until it explodes. Then, emotion takes control and I establish decisions that seem like the right ones, but truly never are. In Shiro, we notice something similar: Shiro too suppresses his feelings until he’s making the decision that will turn his life upside down. Though, this might not just solve the trouble he’s in…

Next to that, I’d like to bring the genre film to the Netherlands. The suspense, the thrill. The goosebumps all over your body.  The vehement emotions and psychologically alluring characters all drenched in the fundamentals of an impressive story. The thriller movies we know and love, like Pulp Fiction, No Country For Old Men, Fight Club or films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Oldboy or Snatch aren’t produced in the Netherlands. In my opinion, that’s quite disappointing. I want to make a change to that.   


Making a movie isn’t cheap. Because of that, we want to be as transparent as possible on the expense of every Euro that comes in. During six considerably long production days we will make recordings on various spots in the direct proximity of Utrecht. Impressive and luxurious hotels and remarkable art galleries are amongst those locations. Props are extremely relevant as well: imposing business suits, fascinating paintings and authentically resembling guns.  

Of course our main point of interest is to produce a unique and an outstanding piece of art. The right equipment is vital for the clear and distinct registration of both images and sound.

Shiro will be one of the entries for the Dutch Film Festival in 2017. That’s why cast and crew shall pursue the ideal result. The complete capital gathered through donations will be spent on equipment, props, the right clothing and the best spots. By doing so, we will be able to present a new Dutch masterpiece. All cast and crew members participate voluntarily in this project.


We can undoubtedly and with all certainty use your support. Please take a look at our rewards and discover something you like. Cast and crew of Shiro are most certainly passionate about this project, and we want everyone to be part of it. Please stay involved by following our Facebook page, visiting our website or signing up for our news letter. Accordingly, we will provide you with up-to-date information of most recent developments within Shiro and you will be provided with a backstage view of the production process of this exclusive movie.

By your gift on Cinecrowd, we can produce a work of art of exceptional quality. We will be able to create the impact we want others to experience and the result we desire, thanks to your support!

Quote that inspired the maker

"Would you be able to kill a person?"