De Laatste Keer

One Last Time
A Short film by Iyobel Izhia
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LOCKLINETwo childhood friends, active in organized crime, are dumping a body. During the job they discuss quiting their job at the organisation they work for.

One Last Time is a story about two childhood friends active in the organized crime. During a job where they've to bury a body in the forest, one of them tries to convice his friend to quit. But will he be able to convice his brother? And is the job what is seems for the two friends?

With 'One Last Time' I want to tell a story about two friends and a conflict of loyality. One of them wants to quit working in crime. Doing so, he'll have to betray his chosen family. But he stays loyal to his friend and tries to convince him to join him. His friend seems sceptical at first.

I think it's a relative subject because I know the urge to break out of a routine. Mostly I really need to force myself out of it, which can be bad for the relationship you have with certain people. Just a few of those people went on to the next chapter. The more aware I became of myself and what I want, the less people I had in my life. Loyality is a changing event. What is loyalty and when are you disloyal? Many visions on loyalty are relative, resulting in fluctuating opinions about someone being loyal (or not). Is it really important and is it bound to time periods in people's live's?

In 'One Last Time' we combine the traditional moviestyle with anime. Anime is a Japanese style of drawing, as used in Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and Naruto. Thanks to RosselC and Fighnimates it's possible to apply this affect to the film. We can't give away anything more yet, so stay tuned.

Made possible by the Amsterdam Film School: Lennart Timmerman, Hugo Metsers & Remy van Heugten.

All drawings are made by RosselC. Special thanks to Zacairo as actor of the intro of this teaser. Music in the teaser by GoodSick & Soundfield.


This project has been supported by VSBfonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

Only free men can negotiate.
Nelson Mandela
This project was successfully funded on 15-09-2016

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